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Project Glow update

hey guys πŸ™‚

Have you all been enjoying this beautiful sun?!?! I know I have. I’m sorry to say, but my blog updates will probably be less frequent. The sun calls to me and I’m far more interested in enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside than anything to do with the computer.

Right, now onto what’s important:

Project Glow update!

I’m happy to say that after 6 days, I am seeing some fabulous results. the skin on my face seems to have so much more of a natural “glow” to it. Also, after chucking out that awful Clearasil, I’ve had far less breakouts. I’m so pleased!!

I never expected this to work like I had wanted it to, and after drinking a Green Monster everyday, exfoliating with an exfoliation glove + face wash every couple of days, washing my face twice daily and making sure to use correct face moisturizer, I’ve seen FABULOUS results.

I’d definitely recommend this plan to anybody wishing to try a more organic/natural approach to acne management. I’m not saying it’ll work for everyone, but it’s worked for me.

UNFORTUNATELY, and I’m not too happy about this… But I’ve decided to take Doxy again until after Christmas.

This is because my christmas plans have changed and instead of staying in Whakatane with Mum and the rest of them, I’ve chosen to go to Auckland with Dad and my brother and sister to meet up with more of our family. I’m so so SO excited about this because last time we did this, it wound up being the best christmas I’ve ever had πŸ™‚

Anyway, I haven’t seen these family members in a very long time and the last time they saw me, I was considerably fatter with really nasty skin. This time, I want them to see me and be amazed at how different I look and how much healthier I look and feel.

This means I want beautiful, clear skin, and the only way I’m guaranteed to get that is by going on Doxy. It’s because when I go away I always break out. Sounds weird, but it’s inevitable. Doxy can help stop that.

I’ll still be continuing on with all the natural steps of Project Glow, I’ll just be taking Doxy as well until just after Xmas.

Sad thing about going away to Aucks for christmas is that I will miss this:

😦 I will miss him. A LOT!

Rewinding back a bit to Green Monsters, I am LOVING them and I’m so so impressed by how much they’ve helped me and increased my energy and general well-being, tomorrow I’ll do a special blog post about it to go into more depth.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I got a really nice trim today and I coloured my hair dark brown again. I had scody regrowth.

All part of the big transformation for my cousins and aunties, uncles and grandparents to be shocked by! πŸ˜€

Hope you’re all enjoying summer.


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“Summer” weather day 2 + Project Glow

Today’s the 2nd day of Summer. You think yesterday’s weather was bad? Check out what it looked like this morning:

Ridiculous! It was like that until 2pm!

This is what the hills SHOULD look like (this was taken a while ago at sunset):

I think Summer’s broken… I can’t wait for the nice hot sun to come out. I had my last exam today so now I’m officially on holiday with no academic responsibilities!!! πŸ˜€ YAY!

Despite the bad weather, I did manage to get a couple of nice photos of some of our flowers after the rain.

Wow… I cannot tell you how weird the last 24 hours have been. I had the most horrendous night in history, words cannot even explain how bad it was..

Our house alarm was faulty, and from Midnight until FOUR IN THE MORNING it was going on and off randomly. Now let me tell you, that shit is LOOOOUUUUDDD!!!!
Like, piercing, straight through you, can’t THINK straight, so loud it makes you feel SICK.

And of course, none of us had the code to disarm it because mum and Mark never wrote it down before they went down south. We tried everything to contact them and just could not get hold of them. We phoned EVERYWHERE and even rang the police for assistance, but they couldn’t help us.

Eventually we rang the leader of the motorbike pack’s cellphone (at four in the morning) and he answered amazingly. We told him it was an emergency and to get Mum and Mark to phone us.

When they eventually did, we decided to disarm it altogether because we were almost certain that it would go off again even if we did have the code because it was faulty. We switched the alarm system off completely and that was that.

I went to bed and fell asleep at around 4.30am, dreading getting up at 7.30 for my exam. But, I was a trooper and I did it. No way did I have any energy for a run. I’ve decided to skip today’s run, my body just isn’t up to it.

After my exam I had to go out again to run a few errands, and I’ve felt like a zombie all day. Good thing is though that I’ve managed to be fairly productive. Got a lot done.

That brings me to my next point….

Project Glow

Bet most of you don’t know this, but I suffer from acne pretty bad. I have it “under control” at the moment on medication, but the thing is, I’ve been on this medication for almost 2 Β years now. That is waaaaaay longer than I should’ve been on it.

The reason I’m still taking it is because every time I try to go off it, I have a breakout within the first week and it freaks me out.

This time though, I’ve decided to go off it and let myself breakout, I’m going to explore a bunch of natural approaches to dealing with it. I read Angela’s Project Glow blog posts and I decided to do something really similar and along the same lines to see if I can get great results without chemicals (aside from my face wash and moisturizer).

The first thing I’m going to do is obviously, stop taking Doxycycline. I’m a little bit worried about going cold turkey, but I want to start straight away with my new skin care programme.

The next thing I’m going to do is stop using Clearasil. I went to the chemist to ask about face washes and she told me to STAY AWAY FROM CLEARASIL! She said it could actually be making my skin WORSE by drying it out and causing a build up of pimple causing bacteria.
My plan is to go the Body Shop and purchase some Tea Tree Oil face wash. That stuff is supposed to be a fantastic, natural cleanser to help prevent acne. But until I get the opportunity to go there (we don’t have a Body Shop in Whakatane), I’m going to ditch the Clearasil and use something more gentle.

I’m going to drink a green monster every day. They’re supposedly brilliant at helping you get your “glow” on.

I’m going to (continue to) drink 2+ cups of Green Tea daily. This shouldn’t be a problem for me at all since on average, I drink 4+ daily haha. I also want to drink more water. Lately I haven’t been too good with my daily liquid intake. Also I drink waaaaayyy too much coffee, so that’s gotta go. Now that exams are over, I don’t think I’ll be needing it anyway πŸ™‚

My favourite brand of Green Tea is Bell Zesty Green Tea.

I want to get body exfoliator too, because I figure that this might as well be changes for my entire body.

Here’s a picture of me from this morning, how tired do I look!?!?! Consider this the “before” photo.

This challenge will last until the end of December, hopefully by then I will not be reliant on pills and medication and I will have a healthy, natural glow with naturally clear skin!

Bye bye Acne Pills!!!!!!

Hello Au Natural πŸ™‚

Let me know what your thoughts on this are. Do you use clearasil? Does it work for you? What about Tea Tree oil?


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