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Amazing Accomplishments

Today I finished reading my book “50 Marathons, 50 Days’” and it was awesome! Dean Karnazes is truly amazing. He is the definition of fitness and health, what that man did is almost inconceivable… Not only did he travel across 50 states and complete 50 Marathons in 50 consecutive days, but he then proceeded to turn around (in New York City) the next day and run all the way back home to San Francisco, evidently running the equivalent of 50 marathons, bringing his total to 100, and THEN some (the miles he ran that he initially travelled by bus). It’s not everyday that such an impact and huge level of success is made by one single individual. I think we can all learn a thing or two from Dean- Push your limits, you’re capable of SO much more than you think you are. Get back in touch with nature, the natural state is for humans to be outside and active, staying inside staring at a computer screen for hours is the unnatural state (here is something I need to work on myself). And something that I try to tell a lot of people is that something is better than nothing. If you only have 10 minutes to exercise in your day, USE those ten minutes! An intense 10 minute workout is better than no workout, and all the baby steps add up.

dean_NYCmarathon Dean Karnazes trail running


I’ve moved straight on to my next book called “Marathon Woman”, an autobiography by a woman called Kathrine Switzer, somebody that every single female runner should know.


She revolutionized the Boston Marathon. She was the first ever woman to run it and when she did, a race official attacked her mid-way because it was male-only and she was female. He tried to physically pull her out of the race but she pulled away from him and with the help of runners around her she was able to get free of him and finish the marathon 🙂


She’s a HUGE inspiration and I’m already a few chapters in because I’m already hooked!

Finally tonight before I go to bed, I just want to talk about Angela from Oh She Glows.

I think you should all check out this post. I’ve always found Angela to be a real inspiration, but this post just confirmed that once again. She’s an amazing person! She was out on a long training run for her upcoming half marathon when she witnessed a motorcycle accident. She immediately rushed to help them and in her adrenalin rush, lifted a HARLEY DAVIDSON bike off the two people crushed underneath it.

It was a brave an honourable thing for her to do and I think she should be SO proud of herself.

That’s all for tonight, ciao!


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Exercise Addiction.

I am reading the most amazing book at the moment. I was already reading 2 books but when my eyes fell upon it’s shiny, bright cover with bold lettering, I forgot about everything, issued it out and started reading. I AM HOOKED!


This is the insane, inspiring and amazing story of a man called Dean Karnazes, who had a vision, then set about achieving it. He had a goal to run 50 marathons in 50 different States in 50 Consecutive days. Sounds totally crazy right? I know, I feel exhausted just READING about his crazy endeavour. I’m up to marathon number 9 in his book, and even THAT is an insane amount. Most people wouldn’t even imagine running 9 Marathons in their entire life let alone day after day!

This book contains many useful tips and suggestions for runners or even parents of budding youth. It’s also hugely motivational. Since beginning the book, I’ve just been ITCHING to run, but I know I have to be careful because of my knees 😦

I’ve decided that tonight I’ll go to the gym for a cardio workout of a 30 minute run on the Dreadmill and a 30 minute cycle. I’m mindful of pain and I’ve PROMISED myself that I won’t be stubborn, if it hurts, I’ll stop. I can’t afford to aggravate any injuries at the moment. I’m going great guns with Jujitsu and I don’t want to sabotage that.

A lot of people struggle to exercise and maintain it, but I have to say, I think a lot of them probably don’t give it enough of a chance. When you get into it and start seeing results (e.g. increase in fitness, muscle tone etc.) you start to develop a sort of addiction to exercise. It becomes so that you are unhappy if you miss a day of it. It becomes a way to relax, de-stress and feel good for doing something great for your body.

Exercise is great for people suffering alcohol,drug or other addictions, because they say you can’t fix an addictive nature, so why not replace that harmful addiction with a good one?

I find that when I don’t exercise on a regular basis, I notice a severe lack in energy and I struggle to sleep. I’m miserable, I nap all the time and when I DO start to exercise again it’s really really difficult. I took a week off last week due to a cold (I don’t exercise while I’m sick because I don’t want to prolong or worsen the sickness), and when I started back up on Monday with an easy, low-key Zumba class, I found it extremely difficult to finish because I was exhausted. It pays to keep it up 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to the gym soon so I’m gonna go put my gym gear bag together. Have a great night!


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Unexpected turn of events.


This morning I got up, ate my pre-run fuel of a toasted bagel with peanut butter and Jam and half a banana, drank my cup of coffee and large glass of water and head out the door.


I ran for a slow 42 minutes and 34 seconds. I worked it out to be 6.2 kilometres. I felt great through the entire run and I felt as though I  could’ve run for another 3 hours! Thing was, my knees were HURTING BAD!
Not in the usual place though :/ This time they were hurting on the INSIDES (???) rather than the outside as usual. I have no idea what was up with that, but since the pain wasn’t debilitating I didn’t stop. I just carried on slowly on the grass until I reached home. Once I got home I stretched and iced my knees for ten minutes, they felt fine afterwards.

I showered and was just about to get my 2 breakfast of the day, by now it was about 10.20am, when I received a phone call…………………..
FROM MY BOSS! Saying that I was rostered on to work today from 10 until 4 and I should be in and could I come in as soon as possible.

I had a big freak out because I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever that I was meant to be working, I hadn’t seen that shift when I looked at the roster last week. Never the less, I wolfed down breakfast which was awful- 2 pieces of toast with extra-lite cream cheese and COLD baked beans. Bleh!

I styled my hair quicker than ever and threw together “lunch” and my “snack” which was 1 banana, 1 apple and a small serving of fejoa crumble. I hopped on my scooter and took off as quick as legally possible.
Tell you what, 50 k’s per hour seems RREEAALLL slow when you’re running an hour late to work.

Once I got there, it was HECTIC! We were flat out all day with our easter sale. Good thing was though that it meant the day absolutely flew by and before I knew it it was 4pm and time for me to head home.

Once I got home I ate a couple of cheds crackers with sliced pickle on top, then 2 squares of chocolate. What I was REALLY craving though was a 6-inch ham sub from Subway, which thankfully was today’s “sub of the day”.

I drove all the way into town just to get a sub lol. I’m impossible when I’m craving something in particular. I will not be satisfied unless I eat that particular food. I ordered a 6-inch sub on Wheat bread with Ham, all the salads (apart from Jalapenos) and sweet onion + honey mustard sauce. I skipped the cheese today, that’s something I can do without and it doesn’t really make a dramatic change to the taste of the sub so no losses there.

I slept terribly last night and was freaked out by a shallow earthquake we had around midnight so my heart was pumping for ages and I couldn’t relax. I’m exhausted and hope to sleep well tonight!!!!!

Off to Tauranga tomorrow in preparation to depart to Waiouru!! I’m going to finish packing my bags tonight 😉

See you later!

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A review of my week of having a food diary.

So as you guys probably know, 1 week ago I decided to start keeping a food diary to monitor what I was eating so I could properly identify areas that I needed to improve one ( in conjunction with the “Back On Track” challenge).

I actually found it really really interesting! It was interesting to put things in perspective. I have this crazy mentality that I eat way too much all the time but at the end of each day when I reflected over my eats for the day, I always got a shock at how little I ate. It was a bit of a wake up call, I definitely need to be eating more vegetables and more protein.

I must say though that initially, I WAS eating a LOT. I’m not sure what happened over that week but by the last Sunday (yesterday), I had basically cut my daily food intake in half. It was a seriously dramatic change and I’m not entirely sure why because I did A LOT of high intensity exercise towards the end of the week… Could be down to the protein shakes I’ve been drinking every morning? Who knows.

I’ll give you an example:

Monday 15th: Pre-workout- Half a banana + One slice of bread with Hummus
Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast w/ tomato, Half a banana, protein shake w/ rice milk.
Interval: 1 Banana, Caramel Slice, Walnuts.
Lunch: Half a can of baked beans.
Afternoon Snack: Small bowl of ice cream, 3 pieces of Caramel Slice, 2 Date Crunch Balls.
Dinner: Noodles, tofu + Veggies, Salad.
Supper: Golden Queen Peach, 1 Caramel Slice.

Compared to…

Monday 22nd: Breakfast: Toasted Bagel w/ Peanut Butter and Banana, Protein Shake.
Interval: A few Grapes, Broken Bunken.
Lunch: Marmite Sandwich.
Afterschool: Mint Cookie Smash Ice Cream.
Pre-Workout: Toasted Bagel w/ Peanut Butter and Banana.
Dinner: Fish, Salad. Milo,
Snack: 2 Weetbix + Milk.

Can’t explain my loss of appetite over the week, but I’m happy about it. Not because I want to eat less but because generally my food choices are smarter and healthier which is what is most important to me.
I think I’ll keep up the food diary, it’s great to put things in perspective and I’ll be able to clearly see the areas of my diet that need improving on.

I had an excellent workout today by the way. I fully broke the rules though 😦 On my training plan I was meant to run 7 minutes with a 2 minute walking break, 3 times… Well, I ended up running for 40 minutes straight… BAD decision. I didn’t feel any pain (just stiffness in my knees), but that’s not the point. If I don’t follow the plan, I’ll wind up injuring myself again which is NOT what I want! I just get so caught up in the “zone” of running and I enjoy it so much I don’t want to stop… The running bug is brutal!

After my 40 minute run I cycled for 20 minutes on the stationary bike followed by a nice long stretch.

Anyway, I’m kicking back, watching Desperate Housewives atm 🙂 It finishes soon and I’m going to bed! I’m tired and haven’t been sleeping well lately.

Fingers crossed I sleep well tonight :S


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Tips for New Runners Starting Out

Hey everyone!

Man, I had the best workout this morning 🙂 It started with a run, I got to the gym, swiped my card and left all my stuff but what I needed to run in a locker and went outside to run around the athletics track.

Today it was 7 minutes running, 2 minutes walking x3. It was fereeeezzzinnngg this morning. I was so thickly layered up, I ended up ditching 3 layers lol. The run was pretty uneventful, although, I actually think I’m faster than I used to be… I dunno, maybe it’s just that I stop for a 2 minute rest every 5-7 minutes so I’m storing energy or if all my other training I’ve been doing has improved my speed… who knows!

After my run I cycled for 25 minutes on the stationary bike on level 4 doing the “weight loss” workout.

After that I did 25 minutes on the cross-trainer, level 5, “weight loss” workout.

(by the way, I choose the weight loss workout because it’s the most challenging and works up the best sweat, not because I’m trying to lose weight)

After that I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine on 5 power. By this point I was pretty spent so I wasn’t going very hard. I suck at rowing in general anyway lol.

I had a nice long stretch at the end and it felt great to loosen up.

Felt goooood! I spent the whole day yesterday stuffing my face with junk food and by the end of the day I felt disgusting and bloated… It reminds me of why I love to eat healthy, I just function better in general. My body works better and I feel better, I have more energy, I don’t get headaches or stomach aches… It just works for me.

ANYWAY! Moving on to the topic of this post….

I get a lot of people coming to me for advice on how to start out running, so I thought it would be appropriate to write a blog about it for anybody who’s interested.

Now, just remember that my tips do not outweigh or override that of a specialist/doctor/physiotherapist etc. This is just what’s worked for me 🙂

Firstly: Create a goal to aim for.

I recently helped my friend put together a training plan for a 10k race she’s participating in in 3 weeks. She really wanted to start running but never really got into it and stuck with it until she identified a goal.

When you create a goal for yourself you have that motivation there to accomplish it. Every time you lace up your shoes and get out the door, it’s to help you get closer to your goal, as opposed to doing it purely because it’s good for you.

With a goal, you’re more likely to stick with it than get bored at quit.

A few examples of goals you might set for yourself are:

  • To run 5k’s in 30 minutes or less
  • Participate in a local 10k or 5k race
  • Run a race for charity
  • lose weight within a certain period of time
  • run a marathon in the next 3 years
  • Run a half marathon

etc etc etc. you get my drift.

Secondly: Get a decent pair of running shoes properly fitted by a specialist.

Any of my regular readers know that the fact that I didn’t get my first pair of running shoes properly fitted pretty much lead to a SERIOUS injury I got a few months down the track.

Having the correct pair of shoes is probably THE most important thing about running. If you don’t then you’re seriously increasing the risk of injury.

When you get your shoes fitted, the person fitting them should cover a few general bases such as:

  • Whether you pronate or supinate
  • Whether you plan to road run or trail run
  • how hard you strike your heel when you run (you should have to demonstrate your running to them for them to understand this)
  • Price range. Sounds silly, but running shoes are EXPENSIVE!

If they don’t cover at LEAST 2 of these things than you should consider buying your shoes elsewhere.

Thirdly: Ease yourself into it slowly

Depending on your previous sporting history, you don’t wanna push your body too hard, too fast. When you start running, if you haven’t been overly active in the past make sure you take it slow.

Start out by only running 3-4 days a week. Take a rest day in between each run and try not to make your runs too long.
Use the Galloway Method, That’s what I started out doing when I very first started running. It’s a great way to build up endurance and fitness. I’m actually using the Galloway Method in my training at the moment to prevent re-injuring myself.

If you don’t ease your body into it you can get an  injury. Your body needs time to heal and adjust slowly. Running is very very harsh on your body so take extra care especially when starting out.

Fourthly: Change up your training once in a while.

Even though I’m a runner, I love to cycle and do other things as well. Even though you’re training to run, it’s fun to have one day of Cross-training, or one day of pure cycling etc. If you stick to the same thing constantly, you might get bored and lose your motivation.

Also, having a day here and there where you train in a different way is excellent for your body. It helps it to become stronger and it strengthens other parts of your body that you can’t do specifically with running.

Fifthly: Incorporate some form of strengthening into your training

I would suggest targeting your glutes, thighs and abs. Your glutes because when you land on the ground when you’re running, your Glutes are what support you and stabilize you, but most of the time (particularly in woman), they won’t strengthen by themselves when you’re running and you need to do extra.

If your Glutes are weak then that can lead to injury in your hips from them having to compensate. Not fun. That’s an injury I got.

Your thighs for obvious reasons, they are a huge component in running.

And your Abs because your abs work super hard when you’re running, just to keep you upright. Strengthening these will improve your balance and form.

Finally: Always remember to STRETCH!!!

This is something I tell EVERYBODY, whether their sport is running or something different. Stretching is so so important, in fact I did a post about it not too long ago.

Stretching can drastically reduce your chances of injury and you will feel a million times better for it. It also can help prevent knots in the muscles and unnecessary tension.

Don’t ever think or feel that you can’t be bothered to stretch. It takes ten minutes and it’s so important and I PROMISE that you will never ever walk away from a decent stretch, feeling worse or as though you wish you hadn’t.

Anyway, I hope that helps anybody interested 🙂

Once again, remember that my advice does not overrule that of a professional.

Happy running!

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Time to get back on the horse of running!

The time is finally here!!!!!! I have received my all new training schedule for running! It’s been 4 months since I announced I’d be taking a break from running due to injury and it’s been a very tough and challenging 4 months.
It’s harder than you think to find ways to stay in shape whilst nursing two different injuries at the same time. There have been many breakdowns…. (see youtube vid) But also many breakthroughs.

I’ve been through much physiotherapy, starting the journey to recovery back in Hamilton. Then returned to Whakatane and began treatment with a new physiotherapist, and then ended up switching over to a different physio due to schedule clashes with the previous one.

During the 4 months, I lost up to 5kg’s, and then after much effort, gained 1 1/2kg’s back because I was underweight.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for so so long. Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Here’s my training plan!

I’m so excited to get into it. I won’t be running until Saturday because I’m still recovering from my stomach bug right now and I’m not sure how long that will take. Although, I’m happy to announce that I’m starting to feel quite a lot better and my food is sitting better in my stomach. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can eat the blueberry pancakes that I’ve been so looking forward to!

🙂 I’ll keep you updated on my running progress and how my tummy’s coming along.

Have a great night!


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Returning to a regular training schedule.

(Just so you know, this blog will come up dated for 2nd March, it’s actually the 3rd of March. WordPress is a different time to NZ time, so at 1pm NZ time is when it’s 12am wordpress time… If that makes sense)

Hey guys! I’m feeling quite a lot better today. I’m taking the day off school though just to be sure. My appetite is beginning to return and I had some jam on toast for breakfast and don’t feel like hurling so that’s some serious progress. I still feel weak, tired and a little seedy though, so today is a day off but tomorrow I’ll be back at school.

I actually feel as though I’m able to get some school work completed which I’ll do before lunchtime- provided I don’t start feel terrible again.

ANYWAY, in other news…

I’m not sure whether I’ve told you this already but my (new) physiotherapist has given me her blessing to resume a regular running training plan again!!!! Even though it’s five months on from when I stopped running, it’ll be great to get back into it.

I’ll be starting out very small though, as though I’m a total newbie to running. I don’t want to reinjure myself and cause myself to have to take a break again. At least this time round I know what to expect and I know how I can prevent from injuring myself again. I really need to work on strengthening though. It’s super frustrating because every physio I’ve ever been to has said the same thing but it just doesn’t seem to happen for me! I’m not getting any stronger in the areas I need to! grrrrrrr. Something to discuss with Gaz this afternoon.

Anyway, off to read the rest of “Hamlet” now and write up a journal for P.E.

Have a great day 🙂

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