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Jujitsu- Life Saver

I’m a terrible sufferer of stress, when I get stressed, I REALLY get stressed! I’ve spent a huge part of my life looking for a way to cope with it and have never found anything until… I tried out Jujitsu. When I first started, I didn’t realize that it would be something that I would find so rewarding and satisfying. The feeling you get when you’re working with someone in a friendly way, but yet relieving stress too because, obviously, a certain level of force is required.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport and a self-defence system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. The art was derived from the Japanese martial art of Kodokan judo in the early 20th century, which was itself developed from a number of schools of Japanese jujutsu in the 19th century.

It promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper technique—most notably by applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be trained for sport grappling tournaments (gi and no-gi) and mixed martial arts (MMA) competition or self-defence. Sparring (commonly referred to as ‘rolling’) and live drilling play a major role in training, and a premium is placed on performance, especially in competition.


Jujitsu has helped me in so many ways, not only do you feel better physically as you get stronger and more flexible, but you feel better mentally because you feel better about yourself, less stressed and it teaches you to be tolerant and relaxed. Also, every single person I’ve met through Jujitsu has been an amazing and wonderful person. They’re always so friendly and welcoming and being surrounding by that environment for upwards of 4 hours a week can really help you think differently.

At the moment I have a LOT of stress in my life to do with applying for Wintec, applying for a Student Loan at the same time, completing school to the best of my ability, I’m flying in an aeroplane for the first time in my entire LIFE tomorrow night (off to Wellington for my Just Write, writers workshop!!) and a ton of other stuff that’s weighing on my mind. I’ve just returned to Jujitsu after my huge patch of laziness and I couldn’t have made a better decision for myself. It’s the perfect release to help me manage all the other things in my life, it’s all the BEST form of exercise I’ve experienced in terms of overall body workout and getting your heart rate up.

Right now I’m off to get changed, collect my friend and head to Jujitsu!! Now I WAS going to leave you with some badass videos of Jujitsu, but because I went and used up the broadband by watching too many videos online, I’ll have to do that after the 8th of August when we get more broadband haha.

Until next time, goodnight! xoxo

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I have absolutely GOT to make a change, I’m wrecking myself :(

What I’m about to discuss is a very very delicate and sensitive topic for me. Please keep that in mind when reading, it’s not easy for me to open this up to the public…

I am so so down in the dumps and miserable right now… I don’t know what happened to myself. For over a year I’ve been happy, healthy and body confident, but a month ago I lost all motivation and willingness to help myself and kept making excuses for my bad eating habits and lack of exercise. I blamed it on winter, but I know that if I was truly determined then the cold would not phase me.

I don’t know what to do, I haven’t hated my body so much in well over a year and I don’t know how to drag myself out of this rut. I went to the gym the other day and left feeling amazing and I know that it takes patience and persistence to start seeing changes and results, but I won’t see any results if I don’t drastically alter my diet.

I am so horrified and embarrassed to admit that I have become a junk-food junkie. I eat far, FAR too much sugar and processed foods, my skin has been breaking out, I feel lethargic and lazy and bloated. I never thought I’d become this kind of person but I’ve been sucked into this horrible black hole of junk food and laziness… It’s become too much to stop straight away.

I’ve tried to quit sugar cold turkey many times but I always fail. I’ve tried to “ween” myself off sugar, but I lose control and end up bingeing… Today I’m proud that I’ve made a conscious decision to accept responsibility for my bad habits and I managed to stop myself before I ate something I’d regret, but I really really need support right now. This is reaching a critical point for me and I don’t think anyone could truly understand just how much this is bringing me down.

If I don’t get my shit together, I see depression in my very near future.

If you have any advice, suggestions or just general support to offer, please PLEASE do not hesitate to message me. My ears and heart are always open.


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Lazy Saturday.

Firstly, thank you so much for all the positive feedback I got on my article about teenage binge drinking! It was extremely empowering and motivating and I plan to continue working on more pieces to publish on my blog today. I’ve got some good ideas up my sleeve and I’m looking forward to putting them in writing. I hope they are issues that you will find are relevant and interesting to you.

In other news..

It has been POURING with rain in the last 12 hours, I woke up several times in the night to frighteningly loud rain, thunder and bolts of lightening. I was looking forward to having a whole day to snuggle up inside, read my book and write my articles… However, much to my dismay, the sun has come out 😦 I would love for it to goooo aawaayyy! I’m more in my “zone” of writing if the weather’s miserable. Sounds weird, but I think part of it is because I feel guilty for staying inside during sunny weather. I feel as though I’m “wasting” the day.

Exciting news is that this afternoon, Mum and I are going back to visit the Pug Puppies!!! Remember the first time? Well this time will be even better because they’ve grown up and are suuuppeerrr cute 😀 I’m so excited!! So I’ll definitely have some photos to post tonight when I get back.

I’m still getting over my cold so I don’t plan to go to the gym today. last night I decided to wait and see how I felt this morning and then make a decision based on that. I’m not 100% ready yet but I’m sure that by Monday I’ll be fine?

Random question to leave you guys with: What’s your favourite movie? Mine is Thirteen starring Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed. That movie really speaks to me… The two runner’s up are True Romance and Girl, Interrupted.

What are yours?

Have a great Saturday!

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Binge Drinking Culture- Has it gone too far? (an article by me)

Hey guys 🙂 Here’s an article I’ve been working on about teenage binge drinking. Let me know what you think! I’m interested to hear your feedback. Also if there are any things you’d like me to write about, feel free to suggest them in the comment box below. (this article is copyrighted)

On Sunday May 9th, Kings College student James Webster, 16, died in his sleep due to suspected alcohol poisoning. At 7.15am the Paramedics were called in but it was too late, there was nothing they could do. He had stolen a bottle of Vodka from his Gran and snuck out to attend a friends 18th Birthday party. “I saw him sculling back some vodka – like maybe a quarter of a bottle – like water.” says friend Jamie Rodriguez. The boys parents claim that James behaviour was “Totally out of character” and they were absolutely devasted and shocked at the unexpected death. As far as they were concerned, James was at home studying and preparing for a Chemistry tutorial he claimed he’d be attending the next day. It was the first party James had ever been to and, evidently, his last.

For some, the death of James might come as a terrible shock, but to those more aware of the severity of the New Zealand binge drinking culture, this was inevitable. This is the beginning of a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode.

The statistics are frightening, and we should be reading them as serious warning bells, alarming us to the dangers that are merely waiting to happen. Unfortunately though, it appears that teens all over the country are suffering from a serious case of the “it-won’t-happen-to-me” syndrome. They all feel that even though they drink ridiculous amounts to the point of becoming comatose and combine it with smoking all kinds from tobacco to Marajuana, they’ll pass out, wake up (usually with a killer hangover), drive on down to Macca’s and carry on their lives business as usual.

The central problem here, is that Teens are drinking to get DRUNK, rather than to go out and enjoy one or two drinks with some friends.

Lets look at just some of the harmful affects Alcohol has on the body. (Source:

  • Long term drinking may result in permanent brain damage (Korsakoff’s Syndrome or ‘wet brain’), serious mental disorders, and addiction to alcohol.
  • High amounts of alcohol may cause breathing to stop, then death.

  • Lowered resistance to infection.

  • Chronic heavy drinking may cause alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation and destruction of liver cells) and then cirrhosis (irreversible lesions, scarring, and destruction of liver cells). Impairs the liver’s ability to remove yellow pigment, and skin appears yellow (jaundice).

  • Weakens the heart muscle and ability to pump blood (Cardiomyopathy).

  • Sexual functioning can be impaired and deteriorate, resulting in impotence and infertility, sometimes irreversible. Females also have a high risk of developing breast cancer.

  • Irritation and damage of esophagus lining, induces severe vomiting, hemorrhaging, pain and difficulty swallowing. Can contribute to throat cancer.

  • Irritation of stomach lining, can cause peptic ulcers, inflammation, bleeding lesions and cancer. Minute blood loss may deplete the body’s iron stores, causing irritability, lack of energy, headaches and dizziness.

  • The pancreas becomes stressed from having to create insulin to process the sugar present in alcohol. This creates a significant risk of pancreatitis, a chronic inflammation that can be fatal

  • Alcohol impairs the small intestine’s ability to process nutrients and vitamins.

  • Alcohol interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium, resulting in bones being weak, soft, brittle and thinner (Osteoporosis).

It’s hard to believe that teenagers are toying with these risk-factors so carelessly, without any consideration for the fatality they could cause.

Sure, they might look fit and healthy on the outside, but what about their organs on the inside? I’m sure they’d tell a different story.

It is no doubt that something urgently needs to be done to help counter this dangerous cycle, so, what IS being done?

Well last month (April 2010), the Law Comission released their much-anticipated report on targeting the out-of-control alcohol consumption in New Zealand.

One of their main plans to put in place is to raise the drinking age from 18 to 20. Is this enough? Is this a strict enough plan to make any dramatic impact on the rebellious, dangerous ways of youth? Should the responsible drinkers aged 18 to 19 be punished for the excesses of their drunken peers?

These are all questions that having been circling through the community in response to this proposal.

The alcohol statistics are shocking, in 2004, Christchurch ER doctors said the number of young adults between 18 and 20 presenting with potentially fatal alcohol poisoning had doubled since the age was lowered in 1999. Also, an Auckland study, also from 2004, showed the number of young people admitted with alcohol related injuries was 40 per cent higher than in 1999. (Statistics from If those were the figures 6 years ago, I hate to imagine the increase they have made up until now.

Some people may argue that New Zealand doesn’t have a problem and that this is simply the “norm” for teenagers and young adults. However, there is proof in the laws and statistics that New Zealand’s alcoholism ISN’T normal, and is a serious issue.

After the death of James Webster, parents are desperately trying to get the government and the media to address this binge drinking issue with a sense of urgency. But the messege to teens and their parents who are a part of the problem just doesn’t seem to be sinking in.

Despite the warnings we hear, the horrific Drink Driving ads we see on television, each weekend teenagers are hitting the town, or each others houses and drinking to frightening excess. How long will it be before we see another case like James’? How many more young lives is it going to take before something changes?


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Gettin’ my muscle on!

I have been developing some serious muscle lately. I’d say it’s because I’ve been doing quite a lot of strength-based training lately. For example: Jujitsu, Body Combat and just general strength training sessions, that I might embark on this evening after Zumba 😉

This is pretty unusual for a girl but I am KEEN to be a muscle machine. I just love looking and feeling fit and healthy. Nothing makes me feel better than sweating it out, then coming home to a delicious, healthy dinner. Oh, that’s another thing- due to the fact that we’re pretty skint at the moment, all sugary and fattening sweets have been cut from our diets.


It’s such a relief to not have it there. I’m terrible when temptation is presented right in front of me. I haven’t even been missing it… Although I did go a bit crazy on some Malt biscuits today, but judging by the calories I’ve been burning and just general lack of sweets, I felt it was ok 🙂

I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall Hauora (well-being) even after just THREE Jujitsu classes. I feel more relaxed and more confident. Also, the huge increase in fitness and strength doesn’t suck either 😉

In other news…

I want to hear from YOU.

I’m starting to work on gaining experience in writing articles (to prepare to pursue a possible career in Journalism), and my niche at the moment is sort of “current events from a teenager’s perspective”. So even though I’ve got a ton of ideas all ready to type up and put in print, if there is anything you’d be interested in hearing me write about, or if you have a particularly strong opinion on something in the current events, feel free to drop me a comment or flick me an email and let me know!

I’d appreciate ALL suggestions (within reason).

Speaking of writing, the lack of blog posts is honestly down to one thing right now…

Writers Block.

No kidding, I’ve got it BAD. I’ve been seriously struggling to think of blog content, which is a first for me because usually the words just flow and I have no trouble at all. So bear with me here as I try to construct a solution. If any of you have dealt with this issue before and overcame it, please share your wisdom with me!!! I would much appreciate it!

Anyway, I must head off to prepare for my Zumba class tonight. I’ll leave you with a song that I absolutely love. Have a great night everyone!


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Time to face the facts.

As you all know, last year around October I started having issues with my hip and my knees due to running and most probably over-training. I have been seeing a physiotherapist for it since December and even though I’ve made huge improvements, it is highly obvious that running aggravates my injuries seriously everytime.

It’s time to face the music…

I’ve come to the conclusion that running just might not be my thing.

It’s hard for me to admit, but I haven’t been able to properly run since last year. Besides, I’ve really begun to find great peace and enjoyment in JuJitsu and other martial arts training. It is hard to accept that my greatest love and I are not compatible, but hey, maybe it just means I should look to other things (like jujitsu :D), to stay fit and healthy.

I would like to continue to run every now and then as part of a regular exercise routine, but it definitely won’t be as frequently as in the past.

I’m quite surprised at how ok I am about this revelation. I did sort of become obsessed and addicted to running, so the fact that I’m not on the verge of an emotional breakdown comes as a pleasant surprise! 🙂

In other news…

I’m terribly exhausted at the moment… It’s insane. I actually feel so so physically and mentally exhausted, I feel as though I could go to bed and sleep for days.

My whole body hurts- My legs feel like bricks, my shoulder is insanely painful from pulling it in JuJitsu, I have a coughing-induced headache and my early cold symptoms are swiftly progressing.

What I would give for 3 days off to do nothing but internet-surf, sleep, read and watch TV.

I don’t know why I feel this awful (well the cold sort of is understandable, what with the season change and stuff), but I can’t explain the rest of the fatigue.

In terms of my weird eating habits, not a lot has changed there… I’m still fussy. I do eat breakfast and such because I know how important it is and I hate skipping meals, but it does make eating on a regular basis hard.

I’m sorry this isn’t very long, I’m dying to go put my feet up and read my book. I’ll talk to you later 🙂


6 hour adventure race 001

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Video blog to catch up on what’s been happening.

I promise I’ll be back and blogging soon! I just can’t promise it’ll be regularly. I’m so busy these days 😦 I barely have time to sleep!

In the mean time, here’s a video blog:

They ‘re holding Zumba classes at my gym now, I think I’m going to go to one 😉 I think there’s one on tonight, if so then I’ll go to it.

Exciting! haha


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