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I don’t know why I’m messing around… I know I’m responsible for my own happiness.

I have been so depressed lately and I keep whinging and moaning about wanting to find happiness and I’m really starting to annoy myself.

I KNOW how to find happiness for myself, I know EXACTLY where to find it. I need to start taking CARE of my body. When I eat right, exercise regularly and get enough sleep I am the happiest girl in the world. I don’t know why I’m mucking around and complaining here on my blog, offloading my issues to people who I’ve never met. Time to get my act together and get it right.

I’m going to visit my father in 2 weeks and I’m so embarrassed about the habits I’ve adopted and my self-esteem is just in the dirt… I’m going to set myself a very public challenge. Since I’ve already shared half my personal life with the people of the interwebs, why not?

I’m going to set a challenge to regain happiness and find that space where I’m content and happy with who I am. I’m not quite comfortable enough to blog about personal AS stuff like weight and waist measurements… But I’ll be keeping that to myself as an incentive.

I need to makeover my life and start making my way back to the person I used to be. I was so so happy and so confident, those days were the happiest I can remember. I know I’m capable of change, I’ve already proven to myself before that I can make a positive change, so now it’s time to do it again. It’s winter and I hate the cold so that makes it more challenging than ever, but I need to prove it to myself that I can do it.


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Things that make me happy :)

Ok, so today I have been faced with the very serious issue of WRITERS BLOCK!! :O  This is so unlike me, I never get writers block, especially not with my blog.

So I had no idea what to write about and I knew I had to post a blog because it’s been like 3 days or something crazy like that, so I turned to my facebook friends (lol), and my best friend Emma (who is actually the most talented, creative and original human being I’ve ever met) came up with the idea that I post a blog about the things that make me happy. Then I can either post the list or pick something out of the list to write a blog about.

PERFECT! This will have me set for many many future posts 🙂 This has me inspired, I’ll post the list today and then every now and then I’ll come back to the list and write an individual post about one thing from the list. GENIUS right?! THANKS EMMA! 😀

Things that cheer me up and/or make me happy:

1. Anthony Kiedis- The most beautiful man to walk the face of the planet.

2. Corgi Puppies 🙂

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers music.

4. Exercise and fitness

5. Emma 🙂

6. Autumn. I love getting up early in the morning and going for a walk or run just as the sun’s beginning to rise and having the air taste and smell so crisp..

7. The painting on my wall that Emma did.

8. My bed

9. Kick ass classes at Sunny Gymz like Body Pump and Body Combat 🙂 (body combat looks something like this, minus the punching bag: )

10. My gorgeous cat

11. The Ellen Show 🙂

12. Fridays and Saturdays

That’s all I can think of right now… If anything else pops into my head I shall add it to the list 🙂



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Tips for New Runners Starting Out

Hey everyone!

Man, I had the best workout this morning 🙂 It started with a run, I got to the gym, swiped my card and left all my stuff but what I needed to run in a locker and went outside to run around the athletics track.

Today it was 7 minutes running, 2 minutes walking x3. It was fereeeezzzinnngg this morning. I was so thickly layered up, I ended up ditching 3 layers lol. The run was pretty uneventful, although, I actually think I’m faster than I used to be… I dunno, maybe it’s just that I stop for a 2 minute rest every 5-7 minutes so I’m storing energy or if all my other training I’ve been doing has improved my speed… who knows!

After my run I cycled for 25 minutes on the stationary bike on level 4 doing the “weight loss” workout.

After that I did 25 minutes on the cross-trainer, level 5, “weight loss” workout.

(by the way, I choose the weight loss workout because it’s the most challenging and works up the best sweat, not because I’m trying to lose weight)

After that I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine on 5 power. By this point I was pretty spent so I wasn’t going very hard. I suck at rowing in general anyway lol.

I had a nice long stretch at the end and it felt great to loosen up.

Felt goooood! I spent the whole day yesterday stuffing my face with junk food and by the end of the day I felt disgusting and bloated… It reminds me of why I love to eat healthy, I just function better in general. My body works better and I feel better, I have more energy, I don’t get headaches or stomach aches… It just works for me.

ANYWAY! Moving on to the topic of this post….

I get a lot of people coming to me for advice on how to start out running, so I thought it would be appropriate to write a blog about it for anybody who’s interested.

Now, just remember that my tips do not outweigh or override that of a specialist/doctor/physiotherapist etc. This is just what’s worked for me 🙂

Firstly: Create a goal to aim for.

I recently helped my friend put together a training plan for a 10k race she’s participating in in 3 weeks. She really wanted to start running but never really got into it and stuck with it until she identified a goal.

When you create a goal for yourself you have that motivation there to accomplish it. Every time you lace up your shoes and get out the door, it’s to help you get closer to your goal, as opposed to doing it purely because it’s good for you.

With a goal, you’re more likely to stick with it than get bored at quit.

A few examples of goals you might set for yourself are:

  • To run 5k’s in 30 minutes or less
  • Participate in a local 10k or 5k race
  • Run a race for charity
  • lose weight within a certain period of time
  • run a marathon in the next 3 years
  • Run a half marathon

etc etc etc. you get my drift.

Secondly: Get a decent pair of running shoes properly fitted by a specialist.

Any of my regular readers know that the fact that I didn’t get my first pair of running shoes properly fitted pretty much lead to a SERIOUS injury I got a few months down the track.

Having the correct pair of shoes is probably THE most important thing about running. If you don’t then you’re seriously increasing the risk of injury.

When you get your shoes fitted, the person fitting them should cover a few general bases such as:

  • Whether you pronate or supinate
  • Whether you plan to road run or trail run
  • how hard you strike your heel when you run (you should have to demonstrate your running to them for them to understand this)
  • Price range. Sounds silly, but running shoes are EXPENSIVE!

If they don’t cover at LEAST 2 of these things than you should consider buying your shoes elsewhere.

Thirdly: Ease yourself into it slowly

Depending on your previous sporting history, you don’t wanna push your body too hard, too fast. When you start running, if you haven’t been overly active in the past make sure you take it slow.

Start out by only running 3-4 days a week. Take a rest day in between each run and try not to make your runs too long.
Use the Galloway Method, That’s what I started out doing when I very first started running. It’s a great way to build up endurance and fitness. I’m actually using the Galloway Method in my training at the moment to prevent re-injuring myself.

If you don’t ease your body into it you can get an  injury. Your body needs time to heal and adjust slowly. Running is very very harsh on your body so take extra care especially when starting out.

Fourthly: Change up your training once in a while.

Even though I’m a runner, I love to cycle and do other things as well. Even though you’re training to run, it’s fun to have one day of Cross-training, or one day of pure cycling etc. If you stick to the same thing constantly, you might get bored and lose your motivation.

Also, having a day here and there where you train in a different way is excellent for your body. It helps it to become stronger and it strengthens other parts of your body that you can’t do specifically with running.

Fifthly: Incorporate some form of strengthening into your training

I would suggest targeting your glutes, thighs and abs. Your glutes because when you land on the ground when you’re running, your Glutes are what support you and stabilize you, but most of the time (particularly in woman), they won’t strengthen by themselves when you’re running and you need to do extra.

If your Glutes are weak then that can lead to injury in your hips from them having to compensate. Not fun. That’s an injury I got.

Your thighs for obvious reasons, they are a huge component in running.

And your Abs because your abs work super hard when you’re running, just to keep you upright. Strengthening these will improve your balance and form.

Finally: Always remember to STRETCH!!!

This is something I tell EVERYBODY, whether their sport is running or something different. Stretching is so so important, in fact I did a post about it not too long ago.

Stretching can drastically reduce your chances of injury and you will feel a million times better for it. It also can help prevent knots in the muscles and unnecessary tension.

Don’t ever think or feel that you can’t be bothered to stretch. It takes ten minutes and it’s so important and I PROMISE that you will never ever walk away from a decent stretch, feeling worse or as though you wish you hadn’t.

Anyway, I hope that helps anybody interested 🙂

Once again, remember that my advice does not overrule that of a professional.

Happy running!

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I get asked a lot about how I manage to stay motivated to exercise daily and eat well, I thought I’d address this now in a blog post 🙂

When I started running, it wasn’t a decision that I mulled over for a long time, it was practically a random, instantaneous decision when I was having a bad day months and months ago. I was feeling really bad about myself with my self-esteem in the dirt, and suddenly something in me clicked and I decided to stop whining and do something about it, so right there and then I went for a run.

This should’ve set me up for failure really, because normally decisions like that don’t last. However, from that day forth I made a promise to myself that I would get in shape and STAY in shape. There were many times when I’d gone a health kick and it would have lasted a maximum of one month and then I’d go back to my old habits.
Motivation had been the only thing standing in my way, there would always be a point where I’d lose my motivation and the point of going for an evening walk would seem less and less important.

To be perfectly honest with you, and this is something I don’t think I’ve actually ever told anybody, in the beginning something that kept me going more than anything was to get back at an ex-boyfriend for making me feel so worthless. I wanted to prove to him that I was fit and able and I WOULD lose the excess weight he’d so carelessly pointed out to me. Anybody close to me knows that once I set my sights on something, I’m practically unstoppable.

That was the motivation in the beginning, but after about a month I started to feel better about myself, it wasn’t about the ex-boyfriend anymore, in fact I’d forgotten about him completely. It was just about me and my health. Running was the only thing I’d ever been able to find that truly helped me relieve stress, I’ve always had issues with stress and running helped me manage and deal with it in a healthy, productive way.  I was reaching that ever-famous “hump” I guess you could call it… It’s the time in a new change you’ve made where you either get bored, give up and go back to your old habits, or reach the “tipping point”, in which the want for change and new habits becomes unstoppable, you overcome the barrier and are set into a new routine.

It got to that point, and I totally surprised myself by continuing on with my routines. They say it takes 15 times to start a new habit and 20 times to break one.

I loved the feeling of being healthy and in control of my body, I was beginning to see physical changes and that was the best motivator of all.

Fast forward a few months and here I am, still working up a sweat at least 4 times a week. Although I’m currently not running, I do other forms of exercise such as biking, swimming, rowing (on the rowing machine), elliptical, strength training and anything else new, fresh, and exciting that I’m capable of.

The truth is this: it’s simply become a routine to me, a habit, it’s programmed into me now to exercise and I’m one of those weirdos that love it. I love routine’s also, and I tend to find that when I don’t exercise (unless it’s a rest day), I feel lazy, “blobbish”, unhealthy and guilty for not doing something good for my body. Also, I don’t know what to do with myself! On a regular day, exercise can take up to 2 and a half hours for me, that’s a lot! When I’m not doing that when I should be, I wander around like a zombie, bored stiff, wondering what to do with myself.

A good tip for maintaining motivation is to set a challenge for yourself. A proper race or event is a good one because if you enter and pay the entry fee, you’re less likely to drop out. Knowing that you have a race hanging over your head is an excellent was to get out there and get your booty moving. The possible embarrassment of coming last is sure enough to get me out the door!

For example, today I needed to go for a swim because I have a triathlon on the 12th and because school swimming sports is fast-approaching. I HATE swimming, no kidding, it’s probably my least favourite form of exercise, and I’m sure everyone understands how hard it is to muster up some motivation to do exercise you don’t enjoy. I did go for my swim and it was actually a great swim and I’m thankful I did. It took a lot to convince myself to go though, I knew I had to go because I haven’t swum in a couple of weeks. I started by getting myself ready, even though I didn’t want to, and I ate my high-calorie pre-workout meal because I hate eating it and then not having the chance to use the protein/carb/fat stores it gives me.

Then, I just left. I didn’t want to, but I did because simply, YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO! And this is what I needed to do.

(I’d just like to clarify exactly what it is about swimming that I dislike so much: I need to wear earplugs because otherwise the water hurts my ears and I get bad ear ache. When I’m swimming I constantly need to stop to readjust them to prevent the water getting through, which is real annoying 😦 Also, I put oil on my skin before hand because the chlorine dries out my skin horribly, it’s very very time consuming and feels disgusting. My goggles always fog up and then when I take them off to clear them, from that point onwards water always manages to get through. That’s pretty much it.)

But I’m just going to repeat this, it’s purely a matter of getting yourself into a routine. If you can do that, then it always get easier. It just becomes a part of who you are. Healthy eating seems to go hand in hand with exercise too. I found that when I started exercising regularly, the food sorta just fell into place.

Getting over the tipping point is hard too, for help with that I suggest you read these blogs: Healthy Tipping Point, Graduate Meghann, Chic Runner, MegaNerd Runs, Oh She Glows.

These girls know what is up with healthy living! Reading their blogs (particularly race recaps) are great motivation and hugely inspiring.

Hope that helps! 🙂

Have a great night 😀


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End of mock exams!!… and my crazy ass dreams…

I am happy to report that the pain in my right hip has significantly lessened over the course of the day 🙂

I was almost in tears once I’d hobbled all the way home from my final mock exam this morning and I realized I wouldn’t be able to go for a run and make the most of this beautiful weather.

It took me TWENTY MINUTES to get home today because I struggled to walk home, usually it takes me 15 MAX! I looked like a bit of a douche too lol.

I drowned my sorrows in Movies such as District 9 and Transformers 2. District 9 was better than I expected and I was happy 😀

I reckon it’s a piss-take on South African Apartheid. The beginning sure as hell seems like it.

Today as I mentioned above, was my last mock exam. It was health and it was CAKE!! I was finished within half an hour, and then much to my dismay, knew I had to wait another 30 minutes to be allowed to leave. Just exam rules… “No one leaves within the first hour and last 15 minutes of the exam” blah blah blah. I’ve heard it five times now.

It’s been quite chilly today unfortunately despite the sun shining all day with barely a single cloud in the sky 🙂 I’ve been in my trackies, slippers and jersey all day.

I’m feeling a bit lard-like right now because I just had a small cup of Ice Cream and I feel like I shouldn’tve because I haven’t been able to run today… Oh well, I deserve it, my exercise levels are exceptional when I’m not dealing with an injury and I’m always careful to balance out my food choices.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Doc to see what’s up. Hopefully she’ll tell me I’ve only pulled a muscle or something, in which case I shall continue to run on it but on very slowly, gently and on flat surfaces. No more bush track runs for me till this baby’s cleared up!

I found out something interesting yesterday, I found out that given my age, height and exercise level, I should be eating around 11300 Kilojoules a day!!! WHOA!! That’s like what a GUY should be eating.

I was so happy to see that 😀 I’m constantly jealous of blokes being able to pretty much eat whatever they want.

Of course I DON’T eat “whatever I want” because that’s not smart. I’m always cautious to take into account the fact that what I put in my body will be the fuel for my runs, and if I put in nasty things, I won’t run so well and that’s no fun for anybody.

I’m contemplating going for a swim actually… I don’t think that would be a good idea really, given the muscles I’d be using. I think that’d be a bit painful. I think I’ll stick to the original plan of having today as a rest day, I really don’t want to worsen anything.

There’s nothing I hate more than extending the amount of time I’m off running for 😦

I have the day off tomorrow! 😀 Yay! I have my Dr appointment at 9.30am and then at 12.30pm I’m going to the hairdressers. About bloody time I say! My hair’s getting so ratty, I never brush my hair because it’s so straight and soft it doesn’t need it! So I always know that it’s time for a hair cut when I start NEEDING to brush my hair. I’ll just get a trim and have it thinned out. I just wanna get rid of the yucky dry ends and the horrible thickness.

I’ll even take some before and after shots 😉 I’m working on having regular pictures up on here.

I think I’ll have an early night tonight… I’m exhausted.

I have this unusual problem, where I have really really nasty dreams. They’re horrible and explicit and almost EVERY time, someone dies a very graphic and brutal death. I had a nasty one last night and woke up at 2.43am in a cold sweat, terrified out of my mind.

I swear the dreams I have could be concepts for horror movies… They’re scary, disgustingly gruesome and weirdly enough, MAKE SENSE. That’s the strangest bit to me is that every single second of my dreams make sense, even the dialogue… I have a way overactive imagination..

Anyway, fingers crossed that tonight is less… “horrific” :/

Have a great night 🙂

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Chronic Pain

Ok, here’s the deal: For the last few weeks I’ve had this chronic pain in my right hip which worsens after running. In the past I’ve just ignored it, but today I couldn’t because after my run it was so bad I could only just walk, and that was due to sheer willpower to get into the shower.

I’m a little worried, because I can’t really afford any injuries right now. I text my mum (she’s been away for the weekend) and we’re going to book a doctors appointment ASAP.

I might get a blood test to check my sodium levels, coz I was thinking it might be cramp due to lack of sodium or something? I dunno, is it possible to have chronic cramp??

argh, this is why I need a doctors expert advice.

I’m not going to worry about it too much, I’ll only worry when they give me something to worry about. I think I’ll rest from running though until I’ve seen the doctor. I don’t want to make anything worse.

Moving on… I think I was lucky when I went for my run! It was sunny in patches and just cloudy, and for the full 53 minutes I was running I never got rained on once. Then within 10 minutes of being home it starts POURING down! It’s raining so heavily right now and there are no patches of blue sky anywhere lol. Hows that for good luck??

I ran 7k’s today and it was quite tough. by about the 5th Kilometer I was feeling a bit off colour. I kept going though and I’m proud to say I didn’t stop to walk once despite feeling unwell.

I had a headache, I had the ache in my side, I felt kinda sick.. it just wasn’t all that fun. I really need to get a camelbak so I can take water with me. I perform so much better when I’m properly hydrated.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks. Let me know if you have a suggestion to what my problem might be with my sore hip!

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Four down, One to go!

Today I had my english and Music exams… English was easy peasy (mind you, I study for a good FIVE HOURS last night), but music sucked. I flunked that one HARD.

Yesterday I had Maths, and that was dreadful too. I felt like stabbing myself with my compass to put myself out of my uttermost MISERY!! There was so much stuff in there that we hadn’t covered in class. Later when I had finished, I went to see my math teacher and she said that stuff shouldn’t have even been in the test because she’d tried to get it taken out since we hadn’t learnt it yet. So yup, FAIL on the maths front.

I have one exam left which is Health. I’m sitting that one on Monday and it should take me about an hour.

On the positive side, I’ve been rewarding my hard efforts with exams by going for nice long runs 🙂 Well, today wasn’t very long, but hey, quality, not quantity right?

Yesterday I went for about a 50 minute run. LOTS of hills and steps involved + torrential bloody rain which made it impossible to see where I was going properly. At one point, I had so much rain in my eyes, I was running with my eyes closed for about a Kilometer, I thought I was going to lose my footing and fall down the VERY VERY steep drop (We’re talking a good 50 meter vertical drop) to land on hard concrete at the bottom. Not so good.

But I was ok 🙂 The rain eased off a little and I could see again! The whole route was about 7k’s and I would’ve been faster but it was up hills + steps and it was raining really hard. So I credit myself for my efforts 🙂

I felt good afterwards too.

More than I can say for myself today anyway…

Today was just an easy 5k, but MAN was I exhausted. I think it was a combination of over-working my body (running is really hard on your body, throw trail runs into the mix and your poor little bod may not be able to handle the jandle), lack of sleep, stress and dehydration. But I’m always glad when I get back from having gone for a run. It’s really really satisfying to know you’ve done something good for yourself.

Still, tomorrow I shall take a rest day 🙂

I have the day off on Tuesday! Yay! Happy days. I’ll go for a big run in the morning, then I’m treating myself to a hair appointment at 12.30pm. I haven’t had a trim in months and months, which is ages for me, and my hair is really starting to need it because when left unbrushed for over an hour, my hair gets so knotty, a family of Starlings could nest in it!

I never usually brush my hair, so the fact that I NEED to now, is a warning sign that things are getting out of hand! lol

I’m sticking to the bet I made though, I’m a girl of my word. I’m only getting a trim and getting it thinned out, and I have every intention of keeping it dark brown.
There’s no way I’m losing and going ranga!!

God, I’m going to have an absolutely HELLISH time running in the summer… even today, when we’re just into spring, it was SO HOT! Sweat was pouring off me and after a pathetic 20 minutes, I was dying for a drink. Obviously I didn’t have one on hand, so that complicated matters a little bit. I can deal with heat, but there are two things I’ll have to make sure I have for future sunny day runs, they are:

1. Sunblock– gotta protect your skin! Especially if you’re a road runner and are exposed to the sun on a very regular basis for long periods of time. The tan is hot till you hit 30… then it’s all a downhill slide from there. Also, think about the risks of skin cancer.

2. WATER!!! This is a must. It’s so important to stay hydrated on hot days when running. Without water you can’t function properly. Keep your body happy and healthy! I’ll be investing in a Camelbak over the holidays to make those long runs a little better 🙂

Anyways, that’s all for today folks. Any tips on running in the Summer?

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