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Willpower is a glorious thing

Since trying on the most perfect ball dress of all time, I’ve been really getting back on track with my diet and—when I’ve been able to squeeze it in—exercise. My progress so far has been really good and I’ve felt great about my food choices and amazingly enough, my willpower to stay on track and be fit and healthy is stronger than the cravings I have for sugary foods. These particular cravings are something in which I have battled for the most part of my teenage years… I believe it’s genetic 😉 It makes it so hard to stick to a healthy diet when all you want is to gorge yourself on all the wonders of ice cream, chocolate and biscuits. I’m not sure what’s different about this time, but it’s like as soon as I laid eyes on that ball dress something inside me clicked, and I just knew I wanted to look fabulous in it. I have barely struggled with cravings, only having trouble on Sunday when I longed for anything sweet, be it lollies, cake or plain old chocolate. I treated myself to a small chocolate sundae because hey, we all need to treat ourselves every now and then and I’d done so well. Later that evening cravings returned with a vengeance, but were nipped in the bud the following morning after a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, since it’s the end of the term I’ve been absolutely snowed under with homework. I’ve been 150% committed to getting all my assessments finished and this morning I had a mild panic attack when I thought I may have bitten off more than I can chew with some of them. Because my afternoons, and mornings and intervals and lunchtimes, have been dedicated to completing work I haven’t gotten in as much exercise as I otherwise would’ve liked. Not to worry though because I got heaps of work done today which has lightened up my work load. I plan to get some form of exercise done tonight after dinner, 30 minutes at least.

I’m looking forward to the increase in temperature once spring kicks in a little more and hopefully decrease in rain!! There’s too much!! Speaking of mother nature, my thoughts are totally with the people of Christchurch. For those of you outside of New Zealand (because every single New Zealander should be aware by now), Christchurch is a large city in the South Island that was hit with a 7.1 Magnitude earthquake on Saturday 4th September. It caused massive damage and destruction but fortunately there are no reports of death. It will take years and millions of dollars to rebuild Christchurch and return it to it’s former glory. So many residents have lost their homes and have damaged possessions and are also facing water contamination and power outages. I wish there was something that I could do to help!

Here are a few photos that I got off tvnz:

chimney_car_pgb distribution_centre_pgb grassy_cracks_pgb Little_River_Church_pgb pipes_burst_pgb road_hole_pgb

It’s the biggest earthquake in New Zealand history and I really wish all the best for the people of Christchurch and I hope they find their bearings soon and that things get up and running again.

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The glue that holds everything together.

I had an interesting conversation with Kristine at lunchtime today.


We were talking about New Zealand food and how much it differs from Norwegian food and that it’s got waaaay more fat and sugar. I said I was feeling really stink at the way my eating habits have completely gone down the drain this winter and that I wanted to make a real effort to improve my diet as best I can. This led us to discuss the things that sort of complete us. We both agreed on one thing: exercise and a healthy diet is the one thing we both need in order to function as regular human beings. For me I struggle to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy anything if one, the other or both of those two things are out of whack.

Because this has been such a particularly bad winter for me in terms of diet, it’s really important for me to remember what makes me tick and how I’m in control and can make a change any time I want, starting from the next meal. As the title says, having a healthy body is the glue that holds everything together. If I’m not healthy my mind feels cluttered and blocked, I feel gross and depressed. I cannot focus on anything and even the things that I enjoy heaps like writing is dissatisfying, I need to de-clutter my mind before I can do anything else. I literally cannot generate useful thoughts if I’m unhealthy.

Spring is fast approaching and I want to sort myself out now so that come summer I’m already in shape and happy so I don’t need to worry or stress about anything, I’ll be able to walk straight onto the beach in my bikini without a second thought. It puzzles me as to why I seem to hit this wall every winter and lose motivation to exercise. I know it’s one of the things I’m most passionate about and I feel amazing while I’m doing it and even better afterward, but like clockwork I get lazy each time. Next winter I will make it my main focus to try and maintain my routine as best I can without being phased by the cold. There are ways around everything!

Because spring is nearly here, I’m looking forward to having exciting spring blog posts! My blog posts from spring through to summer are some of my favourite, and as the exciting events that follow with those seasons there should be some good blogging to follow 🙂

In other news, I have muesli bars in the fridge that I spent an hour working on, using a recipe that I concocted out of thin air. I really hope they’re successful and don’t just fall apart straight out of the tin!

Is there something that is your “glue”? That really completes you and helps you maintain good overall well-being?



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Obsession with Sunsets….

It has been brought to my attention that I may have a small obsession with Sunsets.

Exhibit A:

(tonight’s “creative photos”)

And don’t even get me started on Sun RISES…. But anyway, I think you get my drift? To be honest, the reason I love them is because of the colours. Every night is different and the colours are always incredible. It’s my second favourite part of each day 🙂 (first is sunrise. nothing beats that)

Anyway, not much to talk about tonight, mainly that I’m going to a body pump class tomorrow morning, I’m very excited about it, that class always boosts my motivation!

Also, I had a fun night of snacking tonight. It was great, I ate ALL the food I was craving and didn’t feel guilty because…. I had very small amounts of each 🙂 It was awesome and I shall continue to snack in that fashion when I’m craving sweets.

Have a good night!

(btw, super excited, Siobhan on American Idol just OWNED EVERYONE with my favourite Rolling Stones song: “Paint It Black” 🙂 AWESOME performance!!)


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Food for thought.

Morning all! Hope you’re all excited and have some amazing plans for this beautiful Saturday morning 🙂

I love Saturdays. They’re by far my favourite day of the week, and as of this year the only day I have completely off! :O That’s because of school and that I work on Sunday’s now.

Anyway, last night I had an excellent gym session.

I was very excited to go! 🙂 (btw, do you like the new hairdo? dyed it black and got it cut)

I hadn’t been in THREE DAYS and so it had to be good. I had a fabulous cross-training workout which consisted of:

  • 2 minute walk warmup on the treadmill
  • 10 minute run on the treadmill
  • 5 minutes interval training on the spin bike (10 seconds of high resistance followed by 20 seconds recovery with low resistance)
  • 10 minutes on the stationary bike
  • 10 minutes on the rowing machine
  • 10 minutes on the Elliptical
  • 5 minutes spin bike interval training

I then did about a minute of skipping, a few press-ups and some hip strengthening exercises before coming home. The whole thing took about an hour and 20 minutes or so.

Today I reeeeaaallly need to go for a swim :/ Swimming sports is on Thursday and I’m no where near prepared for it. I’ll either try to fit one in before 10am (because we’re hosting a Japanese exchange student for 12 days and they have some activities planned at the beach at this time) or this afternoon.

I didn’t do the triathlon that I had planned for the 12th if anybody noticed. I came to the conclusion that I was simply ill-prepared.

ANYWAY! Moving on, as the subject line reads, here’s some food for thought..

I’ve discovered that with my body, when I have a more stabilizing, solid breakfast that somehow incorporates 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bread or toast, it sets me up for the whole day and I snack less on sugary foods and junk.

My usual morning breakfast is either French Toast with a dribble of maple syrup and a handful of frozen blueberries on each slice, or scrambled eggs on toast with the same toppings. I also try to fit in a piece of fruit somewhere along the line.

I have found that this breakfast is the only thing that keeps me full. Come interval and I’m still not hungry! it’s fantastic because then my interval snacks are enough to carry me happily over to lunch time.

Here’s the breakfast I had this morning:

As usual, eggs and carbs 🙂 I hate people who claim that carbohydrates are bad.. That’s such crap in my opinion. I eat a ton of carbs because that’s what my body craves and I’ve LOST weight! You need carbohydrates to help keep you full and give you more energy, if you’re eating the right sort of carbs (wholegrains etc) then it’s not a problem!

Another thing is that I’ve decided to switch to a different Physiotherapist. And not just within the business, I mean an entirely different clinic. I have some serious issues with the very rude and unintelligent receptionist who has caused me more problems than I care to deal with, and I just can’t stand that revolting tongue bar she flashes around when she grins when she realized she completely screwed something up.

I have my first physio appointment with my new physio on Monday afternoon. Here’s hoping it works out!

I’m reading “Scar Tissue” by Anthony Kiedis again. It’s an incredible and inspiring autobiography, I think I’m more in love with it this time round than I was the first.

the Red Hot Chili Peppers are just so darn talented. They keep producing incredible music, over and over again. I heard rumours that there’s a new album on it’s way out this year, and I reeaallly hope that’s true! They’re my favourite band and I would die to see them live.

They’re also really really funny 🙂 That’s something you’ll notice if you read AK’s book.

Check out this video clip for “Hump De Bump”, I love it! It cracks me up 😀 and seeing AK with grills… lol, no words….

What sort of foods do you eat to keep to full and sustained longer?


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Life is about to get CRAZY busy.

Well I’m very excited, because today I had my first ever job interview!!! I applied at Rebel Sport. I dropped in my CV and got an interview all at the same time. I was happy 🙂 Good thing I was already prepared for the interview since it wasn’t planned!

I was also happy to see that the woman in charge of employment happened to be somebody I already knew 😀 She was the one who has sold me the majority of my running gear, so that was an added bonus. Aside from all the business talk, we were able to have a little chat about life and the universe which was pleasant and relaxed 🙂 all in all, I believe it went well and I eagerly await the phone call to find out whether or not I got the job.

In other news…

Today was the “voice check” day for the school production we’ll be doing next year. I know it’s supposed to be on the down low, but pretty much everyone knows that they’re looking at doing Fame.

I was really happy when I found out. I love that musical. It’s so lively, high energy and full of life. It combines acting, singing AND dancing so it’s very demanding. Sounds like my kinda show! 😀

As you know, last night I babysat (and got paid $30 for it!), and aside from doing TWO HOURS OF STRAIGHT MATH HOMEWORK, I found out that auditions for Santa’s Hangover Cure are this friday!!!! That’s the day after tomorrow!!!!!!!

I participated in this show last year and I really enjoyed it. I got to play Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Time Warp 😀 Both my favourite musical, my favourite character from the musical and my favourite SONG from the show. I was one happy camper.

This year however, I had no idea that it was so soon. I think I might skip it this year because I’m already starting to get suuuper busy, and sometimes you just have to say “no”. Sometimes you just have to let something go.

I’m going to be fairly bogged down with exams, revision, studying, possibility of a part-time job, running 5-6 days a week and the school production. Will I really be able to fit in another show? :/ I know the rehearsals are only on Sunday afternoons, but what if I’m working?

Also, the show and the dress rehearsals leading up to it may coincide with any days I’m rostered on.

I guess I will have to wait and see whether I got the job or not before I decide to be in the show.

Something exciting that’s happening tomorrow is that I’m FINALLY getting my booty down to the AA to book a test time for my learner license! Mothers, LOCK UP YOUR CHILDREN! I’m gonna be dominating the roads! 😀

Nah but forealzies, I’m pretty happy about this. It’s about bloody time I stopped procrastinating and actually set a date. Wow, this week has been a real kind of “realization” of sudden independence… I mean, I’ve applied for my first proper job, I’m about to complete my third to last year of high school, meaning I have two whole years of school left before I’m outties, I’m about to apply to be able to drive.. That’s a huge step for me.

I feel proud to be able to make it happen all at once 🙂

Anyway, I just got back from a 7K run, followed by ten minutes of strength training and I haven’t eaten since 5 hours ago, so I’m gonna get me some eats!

This is what I plan to have for dinner:



This is what I had last night. It’s like mini pizza’s made on wholemeal bread. It’s got tomato, capsicum, leak, carrot, shredded chicken and cheese. NOM NOM NOM!

I’m going to go re-create this for tonights dinner 🙂

I’m thinking of doing something crazy and getting up at 5 am tomorrow morning to go to a 6 am BodyPump class to fit in exercise before school… Tomorrow night I’m going to see Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” and I won’t have time to run.

Have a great night!

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My first race EVER, 10k recap!

Well today was a really really exciting day for me, because…. I took part in my FIRST EVER RACE!
It was also the BEST run I’ve ever had in my life and I was so happy and satisfied with my efforts at the end 🙂

But let’s go back to the beginning…

I was really nervous when I woke up this morning at 7, but I just tried to mentally relax, I made a yum breakfast of Egg in the hole and toast with peanut butter and sliced strawberries. Was gooood.

We left at 8.30am and arrived about 15 minutes later. We registered ourselves and then the dog and then we waited around for a bit.

It was all new and exciting to me since I’ve never raced before. I stood around taking lots of photos 🙂


Running conditions were absolutely PERRRFECT today. It wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold. It was a little bit cloudy which was good because it meant we didn’t have the sun beating down on us during our runs.

Last night I decided to run the 10k instead of the 5k as I had originally planned. I decided that I would because I know I’m capable, I’ve done it plenty of times before, 5k is too easy and I might as well make the most of the beautiful weather and awesome opportunity to race!

The race was along the beach, and I actually really enjoyed it. Though the scenery was mostly the same from 3k’s onwards, I found it really relaxing and I felt like I could really concentrate and focus.

Here’s me just before the race began.



It was sooo crowded at the start. People were backed up for ages. I kept thinking to myself “God, you’re planning to run a marathon in a year, imagine this amount of people times 100… damn…”



I was able to break the race up into separate distances which really helped time tick by and kept me motivated. Because the race was broken up into 3k, 5k and 10k, there were the 3 and 5k marks to turn around and go back to finish, and each time I reached one of these, I felt good knowing I only had X amount of K’s left.

They had a water station during this race which was AMAZING. Seriously, I never run with water, so being able to grab a cup and chug it back made such a huge difference. Truly. I have totally been underestimating the importance of staying hydrated whilst running. I’m not going to start thinking of ways I can carry water with me efficiently to help me go further and faster.

Mum caught a snap of me coming past after the 3k mark:


I had a great playlist going too. Spring and Summer are the seasons for Rock N’ Roll for me. It’s when I become truly reconnected with my Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Slash’s Snakepit etc. So lately I’ve been running with what I’ve named my “Rock N Run” playlist. I had that blaring the whole way and it really helped me stay motivated. It also helped take my mind off the distance.

I felt great all throughout this run. No hip pain. No leg pain. I was well-hydrated and properly fueled. It was just a bloody decent run.

My feet got so wet though. Each time I had to run through a small body of water, my shoes would totally fill up and it would feel like I had weights attached to my ankles… damn.

I was so happy to reach the 10k turn point. It was easy from there. I totally picked up the pace and thrived on passing others and knowing I’d smashed my PR (personal record). I knocked a crazy FIFTEEN MINUTES off my usual PR!!! I finished in about 1hr, 5mins. I couldn’t believe it!!

I was about a kilometer from the finish line, and there was Mum with the camera 🙂


Once I crossed the finish line, the volunteers handed me a cup of water and a huge banana, then I plonked myself on the ground in relief and stretched as best I could. I was exhausted because not only had I run faster with that distance than I ever have before, but it was on SAND. Sand sucks to run on when it’s soft. Thankfully, most of the way it was hard, but in the last little stretch it was soft which made it very difficult.

After stretching, I met up with Mum, Mark, Sam and the dog and we stuck around for the prizegiving.

Taking some nice lil’ photographs while we waited. We were waiting for two hours!


I love this one because the dog looks like he’s smiling 😀 Looks like he’s in absolute heaven.


As they drew the names for the spot prizes, which were actually really really good prizes, we grew more and more doubtful that we’d win anything. Then it got to the last prize, and the BIGGEST. It was a tent donated by Whakatane Outdoors that fits 7 people, the value of $750, they read out the name and who should win it? None other than OUR family! 😀 We were all happy campers, I’ll tell you that (lol, pun not intended).

It was an impressive thing too!

Here’s a photo when they were halfway through dismantling it for us to take home. I thought to take a picture just a little too late.


We headed on home, making a stop at Rebel Sport first so I could buy some sole inserts for my running shoes for better arch support, some running socks and a couple of other things Mum wanted. I saw a running skirt and almost went mental! I’ve read all about them on blogs and I want one so bad. I was really happy to see that Rebel Stock them 🙂

They’re also hiring for Xmas at the moment, so I’m going to fix up my CV and apply 🙂 Sounds like the most perfect part-time job for me.

Anyway, that’s all for now lovelies. Hope you enjoyed reading about my kick ass day!

I’ll leave you with some photos of beautiful Ohope just before we left the race site.




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Gorgeous afternoon, yummy eats + my gorgeous kitten!

I’ve had a really really great day 😀 I’ve made as best use of the available sunshine as I can, spending the majority of my time outside. Gotta love it.

I got really sore and grazed fingers from weeding the tennis court though 😦 Took me an hour to do half of it and that was only getting the worst of it. Tomorrow I’ll go back and do the other half.

I have my race tomorrow! Heaps as excited 😀 I went for a 45 minute bike ride this afternoon. I was meant to swim but it was such beautiful weather, I wanted to be outside doing something rather than inside in a pool. Monday perhaps?

We went out to Julians Berry Farm at about 2.50 for some afternoon eats. It was goooood.


(that’s the view from the cruddy bit lol). It was pretty crowded, but I didn’t mind. We got a good table.
I ordered a small mixed berry ice cream in a waffle cone.


And an Oat and Sultana cookie. I also had a Gluten free “Health Treat” biscuit which I forgot to take a photo of. It was pretty average to be honest.


It was alllrriiiight. Better than the gluten free thing. But it was a bit chewy and crumbly for my taste. I was really only eating these biscuits coz they were the cheapest available option to help feed me up since I was huuunngrryy!

Dinner was Meatloaf, potatoes and salad by Mumma. It was so yum. In the photo I had already started digging into my meatloaf and then halfway through remembered to take photos…. oops 😉


I went back for seconds after this, it was that good.

Cutest kitten alive: JAZZ!

Time to meet my baby! Our beautiful kitty-cat Jazz, who we adopted from the SPCA about two months ago.

She is cute and funny and clutzy and good-natured and looks like a possum 🙂

Today was my day to obsess over her and take loads of photos and videos to introduce her to the blogging world! And also just to kill some time… Lol.

Check it outttt:






That’s all for now guys! I’m going to settle in and watch “I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry” 😀

Have a wonderful evening!

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