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I don’t think you’re ready for this cuteness.

Honestly, you better prepare yourself….

LOOK what Mum, Sam and I got to visit today…



025  026


I honestly died and went to Pug Puppy HEAVEN! 😀

Friends of ours breed Pug’s and these babies are just 9 days old! They invited us over today to meet them for the first time. I took so many photos of the sleeping beauties 🙂 I thought they were incredible and beautiful and gorgeous but I don’t think I could have my own Pug. They require such an enormous level of commitment. They’re like caring for a new born baby. And I’m not just talking about the puppies, the adults too require a lot of attention. They follow you EVERYWHERE and can’t be trusted when they’re left alone.

I enjoyed spending this afternoon with them though 🙂 Meet the proud parents, Daisy and Harry!

036 Above is Harry, and below is Daisy 🙂


We enjoyed some cuddles and tricks with them.



Then it was back to the babies!

034 046

My brother had a great time 🙂


(Harry the pug actually really liked him. He barely left him alone all afternoon!)

039 I had a great time cuddling the fat sausage-like babies too.



To give you more of a perspective on how small these babies are, here’s a pen next to one that is looking super cute all curled up sleeping ^.^


Aren’t they cute?!? It’s insane!!! Mum and I are sure to be back in a couple of week when they’ve grown up a bit and are able to start playing. I’ve heard that that’s when they’re at their cutest. I can’t wait to snap more photos of them!


Anyway, on the way home our car broke down lol. Like, completely. It’s totally dead, the engine’s done with. Luckily it was a beautiful day!




Granddad came and picked up Sam and I and Mum waited for the AA to come and tow our car home. QUITE a way to finish a good day! I was happy to get home so I could blog all about the gorgeous Puppies 🙂
Today Mum also made bagels which I forgot to photograph 😦 But they taste great!

I was going to go for a run today but I’m vastly running out of time. Ellen is on in an hour and I can’t wait! If I have enough time after that I might go. This day ended up being more jam-packed than I thought. Maybe I’ll just take a rest day?

Tomorrow is the opening of the relocated gym I go to so I’ll be going there to check it out.

Catch you later!


April 2, 2010 at 3:08 am 1 comment

This is why I want a Welsh Corgi

I am in love with Corgi dogs, they are the cutest dogs EVER and I’m slowly developing and obsession 😉 haha.

Here’s a little bit of WHY I want one….

SO CUTE!!!!!

Honestly, they make me wanna cry with happiness lol.

Anyway, I’m snowed under with homework and have been distracted by these cute puppies, so I must finish my homework now.

Hope you like the puppies!!



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Grandma Penny’s Surprise birthday part recap… FINALLY!

Hey everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to being able to post this blog post haha.

Firstly, I have some good news! Today I participated in P.E 100% and it was INTERVAL TRAINING! Sprints! I was nervous and made a bad mistake of choosing to run without shoes, but I managed to complete the whole session.

The session included:

  • Thirteen 50 meter sprints with 1 minute intervals
  • Seventeen 10 meter sprints, starting with 1 minute intervals but ending in 30 second intervals due to time constraints.

As you can imagine, I was overly fast since I haven’t trained for speed in MANY months, but it felt amazing to just be doing it.

Anyway- As you guys know, on the 13th of February, my family and I threw my Grandma a surprise party at her house to celebrate her 70th birthday.

It was a huge success and everybody had an excellent time 😀 I couldn’t believe that the surprise actually worked because never in my life can I recall a surprise party actually going according to plan.

Anyway, my family had arranged for my uncle to take Grandma Penny out for a few hours at 2pm, giving us time to make the 1 hour trip and get the house sorted before the guests arrived at 4.30-5pm.

That went according to plan and Grant so skillfully took her to see “Avatar”, which was an excellent choice because it’s like 3 hours long lol.

We arrived on time and started setting up. I bought a packed lunch with me because I’d hit the gym hard that morning:

  • 20 minute run on the treadmill
  • 5 minute interval training on spin bike
  • 20 minute stationary bike ride
  • 5 minutes rowing
  • 20 minutes on the cross trainer
  • 5 minutes on the spin bike again
  • 10 minutes strength
  • 15 minute stretch

So you see, I knew I was bound to get hungry.

We set up the birthday banners, the food (what we’d bought. It was a pot-luck dinner), the wine, the glasses etc.

Eventually guests started arriving and it was drawing nearer and nearer to the time of Grandma Penny’s arrival. Everyone was super excited when we received the phone call from Grant to say they were almost home.

Then she arrived home…

🙂 It was PRICELESS!!! She couldn’t believe it, she was so shocked she started shaking.

I caught this legendary facial shot after she’d gone around and greeted all the guests.

This photo basically captures the essence of her that night.

The guests began to mingle, I had some wonderful chats with the guests and I was assigned as “official party photographer” and was instructed to go around taking photos of everyone and everything. Here we go:

Mum and Colleen,

Mum and Lynn,

My sister, Penny,

Te Mania, my Nephew 🙂

The view from Grandma Penny’s house.

Grandma Penny and her friend.

A wine glass.

Then I asked to have a few family photos.

Mum, Sam and I.

Mum and I

Me and Penny.

After some photos, it was dinner time!!!
There was an impressive amount and variety of food.

I chose to have some rice with thai chicken, some of my sisters Lasagna, a slice of pizza, a piece of bacon and egg pie and some Salad.

I did end up going back for seconds of things. Specifically the bacon and egg pie and salad 🙂

Soon after it was time for my favourite…. PUDDING!!! 😀 The selection was AMAZING.

I chose to have two different kinds of cheesecake and a scoop of Ambrosia. The yellow cheesecake was INCREDIBLE! It was so so so good, I want the recipe!

Shortly after that the clouds started rolling in…

Made for a good photo though:

Eventually people started winding down and leaving.

The night ended with a very happy (and drunk) Grandma Penny 🙂

I caught this amazing photo of the Tauranga city lights…

The next day we had a great time. Our big family group went to the Mount and went out for lunch. (We originally had plans for the beach but in the morning the weather did not permit…)

We passed this GORGEOUS puppy, it was a cross between a Chihuahua and a Poodle 🙂 adorable. We stopped to pat it for ages.

We agreed on a Turkish restaurant for lunch. I didn’t like it very much because the waiter was extremely rude and used nasty language. I ordered a chai latte (as usual) and Grandma Penny ordered a huge platter for us all to share.

My chai latte was a huge let down. It came with some weird, lumpy foam stuff on top…. didn’t know what was up with that and it tasted absolutely revolting. I scooped it all off and put it on my side dish. It looked like dog vomit.

I had a bite of my sisters Lamb kebab, THAT tasted good. I must admit, the food was divine because the platter tasted incredible too.

We couldn’t stay long, our family had to go our separate ways as we were all on tight schedules. Penny, Temania, Colleen and Jade all went back to Hamilton, Grant went back to Grandma Penny’s house and Mum, Mark, Sam, Grandma Penny and I all went to Otumoetai to go visit our old dog Tai 🙂

It was so great to see him!!! He recognized us and was so excited he was jumping up to us and running around like a mad thing. It totally made my day. It also made me miss him HEAPS!!!

We couldn’t stay long, we had to get back to Whakatane. I was an excellent trip and I got to come home and spend the rest of Valentine’s Day with Dallas 🙂

There you have it! Finally finished this recap haha. Been a long time coming. Hope you guys like it! I’ll have some SG’s up in the morning.



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Back to school!

I did a little video blog to help get you guys up to speed as quickly as possible.

I have to say, since I filmed this video blog (sorry about the bad sound quality, the microphone/speaker was muffled the whole time) 2 hours ago, I’ve had kind of a revelation.

Two of my friends opened their hearts and listened to me explain why school upsets me so much, and then they told me what they thought.

They were both so nice and gave me their opinions in such a way that it really made a difference. I need to confront my insecurities and stop worrying about fitting in. Also, we’re doing the production “Fame” this year and it’s kicking off straight away, so that’s something awesome to look forward to 🙂

I’m going to start concentrating on all the amazing opportunities that have been offered to me this year, and to try to do the best I can academically and in other areas. I’m starting to get excited about this year because there are so many possibilities 🙂 Also, I’ll never ever get free education again, so I might as well ENJOY it while I can.

The first 3 years of High School sucked and were a horrible experience for me, so why not make this year different?

I’m now determined to enjoy this year and, as Mr Tootell would say, make this my best year yet.

It sounds so lame, but I know I can do it.


February 3, 2010 at 9:07 am 1 comment

A very merry christmas from my family to yours :)

I hope you all had a magical christmas, filled with love, family, friends, presents, great food and fun 🙂

due to restricted access to a computer, and needing to sort through hundreds of photos first, I won’t have a proper recount of my beautiful Christmas for a couple more days. Until then, I leave you with this, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you from my lovely Whanau 🙂

(that’s me and dad)

Have a fabulous day!


December 26, 2009 at 4:17 am 2 comments

Saying goodbye isn’t easy… :(

Yesterday I had such an awesome day! 😀 I came to Hamilton and my family dropped me off. But I also had a special friend come along for the ride… DALLAS!
I couldn’t believe he actually made it. I hadn’t expected him to be able to come, so when he did I was over the moon!

It was an early 6.30 am start for everyone, thankfully I’m on a running break because I had 8 kilometers scheduled and I’dve had to get up at 5am to fit it in before we left. We were on the road by 8. The trip was fairly uneventful, most interesting (well, more like AMUSING) part of the whole thing was when Dallas fell asleep….

As you can see, I found this hilarious.

We arrived just after 10 and had a catch up with some family. Then mum and mark went off to Auckland to pick up the motorbike mum just bought and Dal and I went to town so I could show him around.

It was so much fun 🙂 We went to heaps of places and it was great to get out of WHK together. Hamilton was fresh and exciting and I was so glad to have him there.

After a couple of hours, we went to the food court to get some eats. After we were done we just sat there watching people go past.. it was interesting to say the least. First thing I noticed was that nobody was smiling!! Everyone looked so depressed… it sucked.

After a few more hours of mucking around, Mum came to pick us up and take us back to Penny’s. Eventually we all had things to do so mum took me around to Dad’s, and let me tell you… that wasn’t fun 😦 It sucked to say goodbye to Dallas because I won’t see him until January! That’s so longggg!

Onec I’d managed to drag myself away from him, I had a pretty good evening. Majority of it was spent catching up with Dad which was awesome 🙂

This morning I went to Dad’s work and he showed me around. Then I went with him to get a tour of the Laundry factory at the hospital. Interesting, but a little bit gross..

I did 35 minutes on the Stationary Bike today, it was hard, but at least I did it. I also got new shoes fitted!!! Hopefully Gaz should have them for me within the next couple of weeks. I chose Asics 2150’s YAY!

Anyway, that’s pretty much me up to date.

Have a great evening!


December 17, 2009 at 2:37 am 2 comments

Time to move on.

It’s impossible to make long-term plans and/or have expectations and then expect everything to work out exactly as you hoped it would.

Things are always changing. People are always changing. LIFE is always changing… And you just never know what to expect.

Today I stood in my backyard, just staring at everything. Physically, it’s exactly the same as last summer (apart from my new Pink Madison punching bag sitting in the corner), but mentally and emotionally, it’s completely different.

I miss last summer very much. It’s one of the best I’ve had, and I would love for this summer to be just like it. It never will be though… The people in my life who were key to making that summer what it was are either no longer a part of my life, or incredibly distant from it. It’s sad, but that’s just the way things go sometimes..

I’ve changed too. I’m a very very different girl now to what I was a year ago. I have the notes to prove it…

Almost everything about me is different, my body, my attitude, my health, my intelligence, my strength, my courage, my tolerance. So things will never be the same because of that too.

Of course, there are little things I could do to make it feel a little like last year… For example, I could listen to Guns N’ Roses, I could read SLASH and The Saga Of Guns N’ Roses, I could play tennis with friends, I could eat those delicious instant noodles in that red packet, the brand of which I forget. I could go shopping at bayfair, I could drag an inflatable raft all the way down to the heads and go fishing with a $2 shop net and some cat food, I could dance the “Nightrain” dance on mine and Emma’s special rock, I could go camping at Marae Hako and sit up on My Rock and listen to So Fine and Patience by Guns N’ Roses whilst writing lyrics of my own.

I’m so sickly nostalgic for last summer… And what do I have now? I have very few friends. The true ones, I could count on one hand. I don’t have my best friend anymore, I don’t have a particular band or person to focus on… I’m very, VERY lonely.

Sickeningly lonely.

I feel like I can’t relate to anybody anymore. Being a teenager into fitness and healthy living is the loneliest thing in the entire world. There are so few others that you can share with, no one is interested… they’re all interested in getting drunk and stoned everyday.

Oh well, I guess as the saying goes: “life is what you make of it”, I’m just gonna have to pick myself up and make the best of what I’ve got.

I’m sure I’ll end up enjoying this summer too 🙂 I’m going to Dad’s house in two days, thank GOD. Words cannot express just how badly I need a break. I just want out of this little town.

Have a good night.


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