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Yay for successful cooking!

The other day, I attempted the impossible… I tried to cook myself dinner. Bet most of you don’t know that I can’t cook, huh? Kind of ironic, given my lifestyle, career choice and blog niche lol.

However, I added on an extra New Years Resolution, which is to learn to cook! Starting the other day. Now it was a risk because I was “freestyle” cooking, meaning I was throwing something together without a recipe, but I find dinner recipes really complicated and we didn’t have a lot of ingredients anyway so I had to make do.

I chose to create my own Vegetable and Noodle Soup. I dragged out whatever veges I could find, which ended up being Onions, Carrots, Courgettes, canned Chickpeas and Red cabbage. I also found a can of Watties Indian Tomatoes with seasoning, I used that as the base for the soup.

I chopped the onions and added them into the pot with the already added can of tomatoes, I let the onions soften. Then I added 1 cup of water.

Then I chopped up all the other veges and threw them in the pot, then I drained the chickpeas and added half the amount of chickpeas to the soup. I left the pot to simmer on a low heat for 20 minutes. After about 17 minutes I added some noodles (which were already softened so they didn’t take long) and left it for the remaining three minutes.

Once that time was up I switched off the element and made a side of toast 😀

The outcome was actually really great!

The result had me very satisfied. It was tasty (I also added Moroccan Seasoning and a pinch of Salt for flavour), filling and kept me full for a very long time. For a vegetarian meal I was very happy with my efforts 🙂

Anyway, stay tuned for some more cooking attempts!

Have a great day 🙂


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Computer fails.

I’m so so disappointed 😦 Last night I watched Spirit of The Marathon and it made me sad because I miss running so much, so I filmed a little rant about how wonderful I think running is and why I miss it so much, but then when I went to upload it from my camera to the computer, the computer froze and ate the video 😦

Also doing something weird to my camera in the process….. My camera is now having some serious upload issues. Not sure what the deal with that is, but if it’s carries on, I’ll take it into the camera shop. This camera is far too important to me for me to be able to put up with it screwing up ALREADY.

However, I shall try and muster the motivation to film another one some time later today.. I’m fairly busy this afternoon with a Physio appointment, followed by a doctor appointment. I’ll post a blog later today with a physio update.

The weather is yucky this morning, but I don’t really mind. Only issue is that I ride my bike everywhere, and if it’s pouring with rain, that’s a slight inconvenience! Hopefully I’ll have some luck and the rain will hold off in the afternoon. I’d rather ride a bike than get driven around anyway.

I woke up this morning and decided that, in light of the dreary weather, I figured it was perfect pancake weather! I had some mixture leftover from lunch yesterday, so I just used that. They were delicious!

I also couldn’t resist a cup of coffee on the side… Man I fail at quitting caffeine :/

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead and I’m off to haul some booty at the gym. I’m going to do a 35-40 minute Elliptical workout today. No swimming and no strength, just elliptical. I’d like to see how I go.

Update more later!


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