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I deserve a little Ice Cream every now and then!

I have actually had an amazing day! It has gone so well, I’m feeling really happy and relaxed at the moment πŸ™‚

It started well because I woke up at 7 to my alarm, after a very deep sleep. I was super happy because I haven’t slept well in days.
I was completely out to it last night. I was no use to anyone by 12.30 am. I had a friend over last night and they left then, and as soon as they were gone, I was out to it.

I woke up really well rested and refreshed πŸ™‚ It was a nice feeling for a change.

It’s been such a beautiful day today! Gosh, there hasn’t been a single cloud in the sky, it’s such an amazing contrast to the last 3 weeks.

For breakfast I had the same as yesterday which I didn’t write– Porridge topped with a handful of granola, honey, ground cinnamon and chopped banana. YUMMY!!!

I had a 4 pieces of 85% cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate and a glass of Milk as my mid-morning snack before I went to the supermarket to buy frozen mixed berries to make a cranberry juice + mixed berries + banana smoothie. It would have been amazing if it hadn’t of been for the DISGUSTING artificial sweetener 😦 It was so sickly sweet, I felt sick. Never ever again am I opting for the low-fat, low-sugar option because it has less kilojoules. I must admit though, It had a tiny 83 Kilojoules per serving, compared to the 510 from regular. But still, I felt gross after.

I had that smoothie with homemade Granola from last night for lunch. It was lovely because I ate it outside in the beautiful sun whilst reading my book; “Short Fat Chick To Marathon Runner” by the NZ celebrity Kerre Woodham. It’s fantastic! It’s a great laugh and really inspirational at the same time πŸ™‚

After lunch, I got a text from Dallas asking if I wanted to hang out, so he came round and took us to the heads to catch up with some friends.

Now… this was exciting because today, I DROVE A CAR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!

I was so nervous I was shaking!! My heart was pounding and I was terrified of crashing Dallas’s car. But he was a good instructor and I just followed everything he told me to do. After a while I kinda got the hang of it.

I was still shaking by the time we swapped back seats!

He drove us back home and we spent a couple of hours working on his homework haha. I had to go all nazi on him to get him to actually do it πŸ˜›
But he did, so that’s really good.

Miles came round at 4.30 pm so he and I could play tennis! I was really looking forward to it because it was perfect weather for it, I hadn’t played tennis since January, he cracks me up and I was looking forward to a catch up.

We ended up playing for 2 and a half hours! It was sweet. Then we watched some hilarious youtube videos and he left. Then I had dinner which was DIVINE.

It was asian salad with lean beef, beetroot, broccoli, potatoes etc. I didn’t have very much, I’d had a handful of corn chips so my stomach was quite full.

After dinner, I treated myself to a small cup of Ice Cream πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed it. I haven’t had Ice Cream in WEEKS, so it was a lovely little treat. I allowed myself to have some because I’m so disciplined, I really deserved it. And because I have reached my “happy weight”. I weighed myself today for the first time in almost a year, and I was so happy and surprised by the result, I am really content about it πŸ™‚

ALSO! Tomorrow, I plan to attack the Rock Pitt steps. Anyone living in whakatane will know what I mean… Call me crazy, but tomorrow for my workout, I’m going to run up and down those dreaded steps for half and hour straight. It. Will. Kill. Me.

I hate stairs... I won’t lie. They are horrible. It hurts, and it’s hard , and it’s painful, but I just have to think about how it will get easier if I do that workout often.

And, I shall have legs like no other, I’ll burn tons of Kilojoules AND increase my fitness πŸ™‚ Sounds worth it to me!

I had a fantastic workout at the gym yesterday. I woke up at 7 to get ready and went to the 8.30 am Body Pump class after 2 days of well deserved rest. My body was back in action and ready to go! I had stacks of energy and after, worked the treadmill at an average of 8 min/mile pace for 40 minutes, then burned some more fat on the stationary bike. I had a great workout πŸ™‚ felt goooood.


Anyone else dreading this??? I’m so depressed. Words cannot justify how much I HATE school. Truly. The day I graduate will be THE. GREATEST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE.

Oh well… I’ll just think about my steps workout, hopefully that will help the day pass better since I’ll have something to look forward to.

Have and awesome day guys πŸ™‚

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The Change In Me…

Man, I’m so not onto it today… not sure why, but my body is just kinda protesting. Maybe it’s tryna tell me that I’ve been overdoing it?
I ran a 10.82k yesterday and tried to run a 5k this afternoon, but after 20 minutes I felt exhausted and unwell and came home. That is so unlike me, I NEVER cut my runs short. After resting for a little bit at home I tried to do some more strength training + cardio, but I just couldn’t. I just gave up and showered instead.

I don’t know what’s with the sudden lack of energy. Maybe I need a rest… I dunno. Oh well, today’s pretty much been a rest day anyway. I don’t think I’ve had enough to eat. Since yesterday morning, my eats have been this:
– French toast with eggwhites for breakfast with real maple syrup and sliced pear on top.
– A small bowl of Granola and some leftover roast veges for dinner for lunch

Then I went for my run (10.82k)
– Banana about 4 hours later
– Mince on toast with roast veges.

Then today:
– Small bowl of Granola with a sliced apple.
– Warm Milo
– Piece of toast with marmite as pre-run fuel
– Small bowl of Granola
– and now I’m snacking on a small bowl of sliced peaches.

Does that seem enough for how active I am? :/ I don’t know.. Maybe that explains my lack of energy. Yesterday I had an hour long afternoon sleep— which I NEVER do.

I’m starting to feel a little anxious about exams. I haven’t studied at all (I really struggle with studying) and I don’t cope well under exam conditions. I want to pull out of the health and music exams. Especially music, because of all the practice exams we’ve done, I haven’t passed a single one with a mark higher than achieved. Only problem is, trying to pull out without getting my head torn off by either of the music teachers. Great. Not helping with the stress!

If I pull out of those two then I’ll only have 3. Now three is still heaps, but it’s better than 5!!! I think I’d probably have a mental breakdown if I had to sit 5 exams. I want to pull out of the biology paper in the Science exam. Ironically enough it’s what I need to be a personal trainer, but I feel like I wasn’t even there when our dumb teacher was “teaching” it to us. I seriously didn’t learn a THING. I couldn’t tell you anything about it, and that freaks me out a bit. I’m pretty much being hurled in the deep end.

I feel fine with english. I could pass that exam with no study at all. *touch wood*. Maths… not so much, but we’ll do plenty of revision at school for that. So I’ll feel heaps better as long as I don’t have to do that music exam!!!!

Anyway, Β all that is not the topic of this blog post. Today I want to explain the “recent” change in me. Or so it would seem to others. I’m going to explain why I’ve suddenly gone from ‘Muso’ to ‘Fitness freak in the space of 3 months.

I’m about to write about things I have never told ANYONE before. Not even my best friend.

Well, as most of you will probably know, my whole life I’ve been completely 150% dedicated to music and my budding music career. All I wanted to do was be a rockstar.






(I’m in the middle)


Anyway, you get the picture.

Well, A lot of things have happened this year which have not been so great… Some things are things which most of my fellow performer friends would say “use it to make you stronger!”, but after a while, I started to realize that I was becoming more and more unhappy, because what I wanted so badly to happen couldn’t come true because, simply put, I am just not naturally gifted with music.

Everything I know about music, I have been taught. I wasn’t able to sing naturally, I had to have lessons. I wasn’t able to play drums naturally, I got lessons. I can’t write my own music because it just doesn’t flow like it should. It was highly frustrating and heartbreaking.

When there were auditions for a new production that the local theatre were putting on, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, I would work my butt off trying to prepare anΒ amazing audition piece and get it perfected so I could blow them away, and every time, I never got the part. It HURT me, more than words can say.. All my efforts wasted. And it hurt even more to see WHO they gave parts to. My friends would try and justify it to make me feel better, but it just didn’t work. I was always second best, always getting the “understudy”. Pissed me off.

I did terribly in all the tests in Music class, and I stopped enjoying performing. That was the scariest bit of all. I thought to myself: “How am I going to make this my career when I don’t enjoy it??”. I think I more enjoyed the IDEA. I wished with every fiber of my being that I could be as gifted, talented and successful as Guns N’ Roses, or the Veronicas. But it just wasn’t going to happen. I have to admit… And this is going to sound a bit pathetic, but every time I listen to Guns N’ Roses — My all time favourite band — a part of me dies because I will never have what they had. (Ignoring all the crap that happened when they broke up + drug and alcohol abuse + jail etc).

It’s painful to know that I was just not born with it in me.

I don’t even know if I’ll take music next year. I might take chemistry instead. But somehow I still want to have it there because I don’t want to give it all up just yet..

Somewhere around this time, I started running. Running feels GOOD, because you can completely control how well you do. It’s totally a mind driven sport in my opinion, especially when you’re running 10ks. It’s entirely up to you to push yourself with your mind to finish. And to some degree, I think I like to be in control. I wouldn’t say I’m a “control freak”, because I’m not, but I do like to have a certain level of control.

I felt good for having an outlet to release stress in a healthy way, I’ve always struggled with stress because I have a tendency to get stressed about everything. And the great thing about running is that you start to see positive changes and results within the very first week. Your fitness levels increase and your body seems more toned.

I felt good because no one can be bad at running. There was no one to tell me that I had failed or I wasn’t good enough. I only got positive feedback.

Also I began to sleep better and I wasn’t so miserable. I’ve always suffered from a certain degree of depression, and it started to go away more and more because of the endorphins released from exercise.

Skip forward 7 months, I started blogging about it and becoming more and more enthusiastic and committed to living an active, healthy lifestyle. I no longer felt inadequate or “second best”. I was my personal best, and I was competing against myself only.

Also, I started motivating OTHERS to get active and moving, and that, was the great satisfaction I have ever felt. It felt so great to see that I influenced others in a positive way to improve their lifestyles and health.

That made me consider being a “personal trainer” when I finish high school. Before I started working out, university or polytech was absolutely not an option at all. I wanted to rebel, I wanted to get a job, save money, form a band, somehow get a record deal, become huge and famous and tour the world. But I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have what it takes.

So now I’m thinking of going to University and getting a Bachelor in “Sport and Exercise Science” to be a personal trainer. That way, I’ll get to stay fit for a living, and get the thrill of motivating others to make a positive change πŸ™‚

Anyway… that’s enough for now. This has been one Looonnnggg post. I’ll make another post later about “October Ab Challenge” Day 4 πŸ™‚

Have a great night.

Have you ever made a drastic change in your life?

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Torrential Rain + “October Ab Challenge” Day 3.

I think that if it doesn’t stop raining soon, I’m actually going to lose my mind. We’ve had crappy weather for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. that’s just a ridiculous amount of rain. I’m amazed we haven’t had flooding! And then, on the ONE day it’s beautiful and sunny, the tell us we’re gonna get hit by a Tsunami. Yay. Good stuff.

We’ve seriously had torrential rain for the last 3 days and on-off rain for the rest of the time. WHERE’S THE SUNSHINE GONE??!! Come on people, I live in Whakatane, it’s supposed to be the sunshine capital of new zealand! I DON’T SEE NO SUN!

I’m seriously starting to get Cabin Fever.

But anyway…. forget my grievances on the weather, I could complain for hours. Moving on to more positive things…

I went to the gym today for BodyPump, My Biceps were a tiny bit sore from last time, but once I got the blood pumping all was well. I thoroughly enjoyed the class this time too, though it did seem harder. Oh well, I just kept picturing Jillian Michaels buff body in my head and that was enough motivation to get me lifting those weights with gusto lol.


Check out those rockin’ arms! I love it! πŸ˜€

After 60 minutes of bicep curls, tricep dips, lunges, squats, crunches etc etc etc, my muscles were quivering. But it was a mean workout! I still want the 30 Day Shred, i’d have the buffest arms from it haha.


After my hour of strength training, I went upstairs to get some decent cardio in. I used a treadmill for the first time in my life!! It was strange as, so much different from running outside like I usually do. I liked it though because it tells you how fast your going, what the time is, how many calories you’re burning etc. I burnt 352 calories in 30 mins πŸ™‚ I thought that was pretty sweet. I also liked being able to increase the level as I chose. I decided to sprint the last 2 minutes and it was great!

Walking felt weird though when I got off. My legs hadn’t quite registered that they weren’t on a treadmill anymore and I almost fell over haha. I went and did another 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I hated it, seriously, i hate it every time I do it because it’s BORING. It’s so gay. And it doesn’t burn nearly as many calories. I only burnt 126 in half an hour! I would’ve gone back on the treadmill, but I didn’t because the point of me getting on that stupid bike was to work different muscle groups. And I guess it did the job…

After that, I did something insane… I WALKED HOME IN THE POURING, TORRENTIAL RAIN. It’s ok, I had an umbrella. But still, that’s pretty hard out! lol. I was FREEZING and my feet got drenched, but I did it coz I needed the walk for a warm-down. I was so glad to come home and warm up my hands in front of the fire.

β€œOctober Ab Challenge, Making Abs Fun!” Day 3.
The October Challenge is all about strengthening my abs with a variety of different, easy exercises that I can do at home. It will go for the duration of the month and every 2nd day I will complete one and post an update πŸ™‚

Well we did some hardcore ab work in Body Pump today, so once again, that’s what I did. We did things like push-ups, crunches, knee lifts and a few others which I don’t know the name of. It was harder this time because my poor abs are still sore from last time lol. But it was good. It’s cool to see my stomach toning up even after only a few ab sessions. Can’t wait to see how they’ll look at the end of the month!

Eats for today included:
-Granola with milk and a pear for breakfast
-Left over mac and cheese from last night with a banana for lunch
-A small cup of granola + one piece of bread with marmite for post-workout fuel
-Mince with peas and roast vegetables for dinner
-A banana and peanut butter smoothie.

Anyway, it’s just a short one today, I’ll have more tomorrow as usual πŸ™‚

What do you use for inspiration when you’re lacking motivation during a workout? Do you like rain? or do you hate it like I do?

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