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Exciting Holidays!!!

Apologies for being absent over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been seriously preoccupied with my AMAZING holidays that I’ve been having 😀 I came down to Hamilton on Monday (one week ago) and spent three days with my Nana and Poppa, and a glorious three days it was…

When I arrived in Hamilton I was really reaaallly sick with some sort of Flu. I was having horrid symptoms and the bus trip over was tedious and I felt really nauseas from the flu, it was so so nice to go to Nana’s and have a nice, delicious hot meal waiting for me and have someone to take care of me. I loved the relaxing and quiet environment, it was a really great was to relax and de-stress after one incredibly hectic term.

On Thursday I went up to Auckland with Mum, Mark and my friend Lily to go to Rainbows End (theme park) and Ice Skating! Here are some photos of the highlights:

 auckland 2010 004

The Arcade.

auckland 2010 006

Lily and I waiting in line for the Bumper Cars.

auckland 2010 008 auckland 2010 011

Lily and I waiting in line at the Motor Boat rides.

auckland 2010 026 A super cute photo of Sam!

auckland 2010 029

A super excited me to be going to the Log Flume after not having gone on it since I was a small child.

auckland 2010 030 Seeing Candyfloss be made.

auckland 2010 031  auckland 2010 032

Sam and his ENORMOUS candyfloss.

auckland 2010 034 The Gold Rush ride.

auckland 2010 035 Lily and I racing against each other in the Arcade.

auckland 2010 040 

Then I decide to face my crazy-intense fear of heights and do the unthinkable…. Ride the FEAR FALL!

auckland 2010 041As you can see I wasn’t overjoyed at the thought…

auckland 2010 042

That’s at the top. 18 STOREYS!!

auckland 2010 063

A photo I took that I love of the Roller Coaster.

auckland 2010 073  auckland 2010 075

We saw some AMAZINGLY talented Asian acrobats.

After Rainbows End we headed off to our hotel to relax and decide what we were going to do for the rest of the day and what we were going to have for dinner. We ended up walking about 3 Kilometers from our Hotel to the supermarket to get heaps of eats. I won’t recall what they were because they weren’t overly healthy… Haha.

Here’s the view from my room in the Hotel:

auckland 2010 077 And the next morning…

auckland 2010 081 

We went ICE SKATING too which was an all new experience for me, I’ve never ever been before. It was freeezing inside, much colder than I expected, and it was an amazing environment to be in with professional skaters skating around and small children who’d had a lot of practice and were really really good.

auckland 2010 083  auckland 2010 084

 auckland 2010 085

We were pretty excited to get on the Ice 😀


auckland 2010 087

I wasn’t very good… Lol. Mum said I needed to work on my “Gracefulness”

auckland 2010 093

We all enjoyed ourselves, and we were offered a free lesson…

auckland 2010 094

It was quite helpful and I learnt a lot. We also got an awesome demonstration from the Coach who’s a New Zealand Ice Skating Representative!! 😀 I was happy to leave though, I’d had enough of it.

We returned back to our Hotel room for lunch and then Mum, Lily and I went to Queen Street to go shopping. I experienced the incredibleness of my new favourite shop… Real Groovy. It is AMAZING!!!! It sells books, DVDs, Clothing and a whole bunch of other random stuff that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The books, CDs and DVDS that they sell are things that nowhere else stock, so they have really rare items. Within the store there’s a vintage clothing shop called “Peachy Keen” and they sell absolutely incredible vintage clothing. Once we left we headed to another Road to find the other Peachy Keen store to shop for more clothing. I bought the cutest little vintage sweater I’ve ever seen. Later that afternoon we went to see Shrek Forever After in 3D and it was really good! I highly recommend it 🙂


I came back to Hamilton on Saturday morning and stayed the night with Nana again, then I went to Dad’s on Sunday and we went to go see Hamilton Operatic’s Miss Saigon and it was AMAZING!! My friend was in it and I was so happy to be able to go and watch him perform.

Today I went shopping and bought a great pair high-waisted shorts which I’m very very happy with and a nice warm jersey/jacket which I haven’t removed all day. I have so many awesome jackets, I think I may be obsessed lol.

Anyway, that’s the basic catch up of what I’ve been up to these holidays. I’ve recovered from the Flu happily enough and I plan to spend the next few days with my head down, studying for exams and completing two huge research projects that are due back at the start of term 2. I hope the rest of you are enjoying your holidays!



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Time to get back on the horse of running!

The time is finally here!!!!!! I have received my all new training schedule for running! It’s been 4 months since I announced I’d be taking a break from running due to injury and it’s been a very tough and challenging 4 months.
It’s harder than you think to find ways to stay in shape whilst nursing two different injuries at the same time. There have been many breakdowns…. (see youtube vid) But also many breakthroughs.

I’ve been through much physiotherapy, starting the journey to recovery back in Hamilton. Then returned to Whakatane and began treatment with a new physiotherapist, and then ended up switching over to a different physio due to schedule clashes with the previous one.

During the 4 months, I lost up to 5kg’s, and then after much effort, gained 1 1/2kg’s back because I was underweight.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for so so long. Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Here’s my training plan!

I’m so excited to get into it. I won’t be running until Saturday because I’m still recovering from my stomach bug right now and I’m not sure how long that will take. Although, I’m happy to announce that I’m starting to feel quite a lot better and my food is sitting better in my stomach. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can eat the blueberry pancakes that I’ve been so looking forward to!

🙂 I’ll keep you updated on my running progress and how my tummy’s coming along.

Have a great night!


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Returning to a regular training schedule.

(Just so you know, this blog will come up dated for 2nd March, it’s actually the 3rd of March. WordPress is a different time to NZ time, so at 1pm NZ time is when it’s 12am wordpress time… If that makes sense)

Hey guys! I’m feeling quite a lot better today. I’m taking the day off school though just to be sure. My appetite is beginning to return and I had some jam on toast for breakfast and don’t feel like hurling so that’s some serious progress. I still feel weak, tired and a little seedy though, so today is a day off but tomorrow I’ll be back at school.

I actually feel as though I’m able to get some school work completed which I’ll do before lunchtime- provided I don’t start feel terrible again.

ANYWAY, in other news…

I’m not sure whether I’ve told you this already but my (new) physiotherapist has given me her blessing to resume a regular running training plan again!!!! Even though it’s five months on from when I stopped running, it’ll be great to get back into it.

I’ll be starting out very small though, as though I’m a total newbie to running. I don’t want to reinjure myself and cause myself to have to take a break again. At least this time round I know what to expect and I know how I can prevent from injuring myself again. I really need to work on strengthening though. It’s super frustrating because every physio I’ve ever been to has said the same thing but it just doesn’t seem to happen for me! I’m not getting any stronger in the areas I need to! grrrrrrr. Something to discuss with Gaz this afternoon.

Anyway, off to read the rest of “Hamlet” now and write up a journal for P.E.

Have a great day 🙂

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Home Sick

Ugh, right now I’m at home instead of in P.E class as I should be. I woke up at 2am last night feeling AWFUL. I was woken out of a very deep slumber by some horrible tummy pains. I was exhausted as I’d had a big and intense day yesterday with a ton of exercise and all I wanted was sleep, but I was kept awake for 2 hours, sweating and feeling sick.

Eventually I did manage to get some sleep but I woke up feeling seedy and exhausted so I knew today was not a day for school. I started feeling crook yesterday, so it’s really no wonder this came on.
Firstly I thought it might be food poisoning from the Japanese student Farewell supper last night but then I was told that there is a tummy bug that has been going around lately  so that’s more likely to be the cause.

Nothing to do but rest up and drink plenty of water. I have got some homework sorted so I don’t fall too behind in class (in year 12, missing ONE day of school can have a massive impact. It’s super important to make sure you stay on top of all the classwork and homework).

I think I’ll kick back and watch some movies too.

I was planning on going for a massive workout today but that’s not going to happen. I would die if I tried to do anything right now.

In other news!

Issues against women aging.

This is something that has bugged me for a very long time. Women so hung up on aging. It’s ridiculous! EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET AGES. It’s just a fact of life and the course of nature. It frustrates the hell out of me when I see all this stupid anti-aging creams and how much of a big deal it is to do a photoshoot without photoshopping the photos.

The reason I’m writing about this now is because in the latest Woman’s Weekly magazine, they’ve made a huge deal about the fact that the cover woman isn’t photoshopped in her picture. Why does this annoy me? BECAUSE SHE’S GORGEOUS AND IT’S A SHAME TO THINK THEY’D EVER PHOTOSHOP HER IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I plan to age well. There is no denying fate. We’re all going to wind up old, blemished and wrinkly, it’s unavoidable. But you can age WELL.

When I think of “aging well” I think of taking care of your body. Eating the right foods, exercising regularly, not smoking, not drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, getting enough sleep… etc etc etc. Just the usual things that help our bodies to function at their best.
If you take care of your body you will reap the results.

Anyway, that’s my little rant for the day. Time to go put my feet up and watch movies 🙂

Have a great day!


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Camping trip from hell…

Guess who’s back! 😀 God, I cannot tell you just how great it is to be back home. The last 4-5 days have been such torture… There are no words…

I’ll explain exactly why…

Well it started last Sunday, we very nearly didn’t decide to go because the weather forecast was not good but when the day came the sun was a-shining bright and we thought it was probably worth it.

I managed to get in a 35 minute Elliptical workout before we left, it was so of my “last chance workout” because I wasn’t sure what kind of exercise I was going to be able to do whilst camping. I was kinda hoping to swim or something.

It took forever for us to get around to leaving. I spent the day with Dallas while we were waiting 🙂 it was nice, it was a little bitter-sweet though coz we knew we wouldn’t see each other again for a while. (Speaking of Dallas and I, it’s our 6 month anniversary today 😀 yay for us! We’ve made it so far, despite all the problems, controversy and hurt that it took to make it through. That makes this day even more satisfying.)

I actually really enjoyed the trip to the campsite. It started pouring just past Opotiki, but I was perfectly content with my Ipod. I’m really in love with the song “Wet Sand” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now, Emma kinda showed it to me, and ever since I’ve been obsessed with it. Have a listen for yourself, it’s beautiful:

The intro to this performance is kinda hilarious too 😀

Anyway, so all the way through the pouring rain I had this song and “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” also by the Chili’s, on constant repeat. Happy was I! 😀

Eventually we got there and thankfully it had stopped raining. It stopped long enough for us to set up our tents and sort most of our stuff out.

My humble abode:

Initially I was pretty excited, I was optimistic, despite the bad weather. I was prepared with my stack of books anyway 😉

But then after a day or so, the weather really packed in.

And I got sad…

It sucked so bad, it just poured and poured and after a while the rain started to come in through our tents. The wind was so strong that when I was in my tent, I was almost 100% sure that it was going to pull the pegs straight outta the ground and the top cover would fly away.

I was NOOTTTT HAPPPYYY! There was absolutely nothing to do but read, and my books kept getting rained on 😡 I was grumpy, and even though I tried not to complain, I couldn’t help but let my ever-increasing depression seep through to the outside.

We did have a cool campfire with yummy dinners each night. And the dog was in heaven. (Dog in singular because we sold our other dog Tai 😦 I’m sad to see him go, but he just wasn’t getting an adequate amount of exercise that he needed. He’s gone to an awesome new family and he loves it 🙂 That’s all that matters)

We did get ONE beautiful sunny day, which was a huge breath of fresh air from the weather that we’d been getting.

We all loved it and soaked up the sun, thoroughly making the most of the sunshine.

I was happyy! And made even happier when Sunblock was called into the equation. I love wearing sunblock lol, it makes me feel responsible haha, and it reminds me of summer 🙂

Unfortunately, the great weather was short lived 😦

But despite the rain, I was able to get some pretty good photo-opportunities. Check out some of my favourite shots from the four days:

(5 guesses as to what book this is lol)

Anyway, we had planned to stay for 7 days, but as it happened the weather was so terrible that we decided to pack up and leave 3 days early.

Well actually, to say we “packed up” would be a lie. We left our tents and all our food and stuff there and only brought home our clothes. The rain was so bad that almost the entire campsite was flooded, including my parents tent. My tent wasn’t flooded but the rain was beginning to seep through the walls and was making my sheets wet. Our entire outside food/kitchen etc area was flooded, so unless we had gumboots (which we didn’t think to bring), we couldn’t really use that area.

We had to leave the tents there so they could dry out properly before being packed away. Mark plans to head back soon so he can pack everything up dry and bring it home.

I was ecstatic when mum announced that I needed to pack up my gear coz we were leaving. I was so happy to get home.

I felt like crap the whole time and got sick too 😦 I was waking up each day with bad headaches, neck, back and shoulder pains, fuzzy vision and a killer sore throat. I put it down to lack of sleep (I barely slept a wink while I was there), an uncomfortable bed (it was an air bed), too much junk food and no exercise. I was unable to exercise at all through the 4 days and it sucked! My legs started stiffening up and I just felt so yuck… I had to take a rest day yesterday as well because I still felt really awful and knew I needed to listen to my body and not exercise.

I was over the moon to wake up this morning with no symptoms 🙂 I happily went to the gym and spent an hour and 45 minutes engaging in the workout to end all workouts! It was great 😀 It incorporated cross-training, cycling, rowing and strength training. I was sufficiently spent by the end 🙂

Anyway, I’m fairly sure that should bring you up to speed. Hope you’ve all had an amazing week!


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Hospital Visits.

This afternoon I spent a good 3 hours in E.D at the hospital. Mum said it would be a good idea for me to come get some tests done because I’ve been pretty crook after my hip started playing up again.

Mum suspected it might be appendicitis, and since she’s going away for two weeks on sunday she wanted to see if it could be ruled out before she left.

First thing’s first- I am NOT good with blood tests. Blood tests and injections CREEP ME OUT!!!! I’m so grossed out by them on so many levels. So when Mum said I’d need to have a blood test, I wasn’t too keen, but went along with it anyway without argument because I didn’t wanna cause a fuss and I didn’t wanna look like a wuss.

Then, completely unbeknownst to me, she decided to stick an IV line in me. EWWW! It hurt really badly and I’ve never had one before. Even though it was a bendy tube inside my arm, I still refused to bend my arm because the idea that there’s a foreign body inside my vein, poking around, that’s just a bit much for my poor brain to handle.

She was very good obviously (because my mum’s the best with blood tests and IV lines), but it still grossed me out BIG time.

Yuck, right?

Anyway, so there was a long wait after that coz they were flat out. I didn’t mind waiting, I understand the way triage works.

When I did get seen again I had a doctor come and assess me. She concluded that I had a lot of tenderness in a band around my stomach which could indicate an ovarian problem.
THAT”S BAD by the way :/

She tried to see if I could be scheduled in for an ultrasound this afternoon to have a look at my ovaries and see if the appendix was inflamed, but there were no gaps today so my appointment is on Monday instead.

That’s going to be interesting going nil by mouth from 7 am to about 3 pm. I’m going to be GRUMPY! (As I do when I don’t eat).

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on all this as it happens.

No run today obviously... I cringe at the thought. It would be very unpleasant for me just at the moment.

I’ll take a few days rest and might run again after my ultrasound depending on the outcome. I hope it’s nothing! Fingers crossed.

I had my Math exam today. It sucked. I flunked algebra… it was practically another language!!! Truly! Now, I can accept my failure if it’s simply because I didn’t study enough because I was lazy, but it really irritates me when I fail because I haven’t been taught everything. I had not been taught a huge portion of what was in the exam today.

I think I did ok in Number and Sketching and Interpreting Graphs, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

My next exam is on Monday which i hope I can make it to. It’s science and I MUST sit the biology paper. Without it, I can’t take bio next year, if I can’t take bio next year than I won’t get into Uni to do my Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science which means I can’t be a personal trainer!!! AHHHH! I MUST SIT THAT EXAM!!!!!

So I don’t care if I’m dying, I will be there. For that paper at least.

Anyway, that’s all from me for the moment. I’ll be back later with Suicide Girl of the day.


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Chronic Pain

Ok, here’s the deal: For the last few weeks I’ve had this chronic pain in my right hip which worsens after running. In the past I’ve just ignored it, but today I couldn’t because after my run it was so bad I could only just walk, and that was due to sheer willpower to get into the shower.

I’m a little worried, because I can’t really afford any injuries right now. I text my mum (she’s been away for the weekend) and we’re going to book a doctors appointment ASAP.

I might get a blood test to check my sodium levels, coz I was thinking it might be cramp due to lack of sodium or something? I dunno, is it possible to have chronic cramp??

argh, this is why I need a doctors expert advice.

I’m not going to worry about it too much, I’ll only worry when they give me something to worry about. I think I’ll rest from running though until I’ve seen the doctor. I don’t want to make anything worse.

Moving on… I think I was lucky when I went for my run! It was sunny in patches and just cloudy, and for the full 53 minutes I was running I never got rained on once. Then within 10 minutes of being home it starts POURING down! It’s raining so heavily right now and there are no patches of blue sky anywhere lol. Hows that for good luck??

I ran 7k’s today and it was quite tough. by about the 5th Kilometer I was feeling a bit off colour. I kept going though and I’m proud to say I didn’t stop to walk once despite feeling unwell.

I had a headache, I had the ache in my side, I felt kinda sick.. it just wasn’t all that fun. I really need to get a camelbak so I can take water with me. I perform so much better when I’m properly hydrated.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks. Let me know if you have a suggestion to what my problem might be with my sore hip!

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