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What I’ve been up to these last few weeks.

I’ve been really sick, but I’m feeling heaps better obviously and have been cooking my way through Annabel Langbein’s cookbook “The Free Range Cook”. I was going to create another blog for the challenge but I didn’t want the added responsibility and it’s too hard to properly maintain two blogs. SO ANYWAY, in photos, here’s what’s been up:

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Find a way to make exercise fun

Exercise is so often viewed in a negative light. You think “oh I’m too lazy”, “oh it’s too hard”, “oh I can’t be bothered” and it’s really no surprise if you go out there, try to run when you hate running and then come home with a bad attitude. The best way to try and incorporate exercise into your life so it’s a regular part of your lifestyle is to find something you love. Find a sport or a hobby that’s physical and do that. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym everyday and pump out 10k’s on the treadmill or on the stationary bike to stay fit and healthy and see results, and believe me you won’t stick with it with that cycle either. There are loads of fun things you can do for exercise and most of the time you don’t even realise you’re working out! One of my favourites is to go bush walking on a beautiful sunny day with my family or a close friend, I’m very nature-orientated as well as family-orientated so it ends up being a perfect combo for me. I get to see some beautiful sights (especially living in Whakatane, there are SO many beautiful places to check out), catch up with a friend or bond with a family member and get my heart rate pumping at the same time.

Bush walking isn’t the only option though, there’s Zumba if you’re into dancing and I’m pretty sure there are loads of classes in every town/city (I know for a fact that there’s a Zumba class every night somewhere in Whakatane), there’s Pilates which is more relaxed but still a CRAZY INTENSE workout if you’re not so keen on the overly physical side of exercise, take a friend or family member and go for a nice long walk (bring a dog if you have one too, you’ll both benefit) and loads more. You could even go on a leisurely bike ride with a friend and bring a picnic with you, with Summer fast approaching that one would be a really lovely idea. Just be creative and think of ways you can enjoy yourself outdoors rather than inside watching the tv or staring at the computer screen.

Today I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried something I’m not used to and have not done since I was a small child….


There are a few key components that are important for rollerblading:



Drink Bottle


A Snack (that’s a Herbalife protein bar) 


The actual roller blades (I borrowed mine from a friend)


A beautiful sunny day


And a dorky attitude to prepare you for indeed, looking like a dork for a little bit


I rollerbladed along the riverbank and was freaking out because I suck and haven’t roller bladed since I was a little kid so I was basically a beginner all over again. I must’ve looked so ridiculous initially and I nearly fell over while people were watching about three times. I was laughed at but oh well, I wasn’t embarrassed because everyone has to start somewhere, right? No one is perfect at anything first time round and I just thought to myself, hey, at least I’m out here DOING something instead of sitting on my backside at home doing nothing. I ended up really enjoying myself and it was great to see the noticeable difference in my skill level from when I first started to when I finished. I went for just under an hour but got bored pretty quickly. That’s an issue I have… serious boredom :/ I was starting to wish I’d packed my running shoes in my bag so I could’ve gone for a decent run after but I had no where to put my roller blades anyway and I wasn’t wearing running-appropriate gear.

Oh well, you live and you learn. I’ll carry on with rollerblading especially with summer approaching, but for future reference I’ll know to bring my running shoes and clothes along with me 😉

I have Jiu Jitsu tomorrow night which should be good and then Zumba on Friday night which should be super intense. Weather permitting I might go for a 10k run on Saturday, but we’ll just have to wait and see.



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Beach Therapy

Yesterday I had a reaaallly bad day… It was just one crap thing after another.  You know how it is sometimes…

Well when I came home from school, I offloaded everything that happened to mum and then went and cried it all out. Once I’d composed myself, Mum and I decided to take the dog for a walk on the beach. I was excited because I knew It would help me relax.

It was great. It really did help me to relax and it gave mum and I the perfect opportunity to discuss the things that were bothering me, and I came to a conclusion.. I’m not going to stay for year 13 at school.

It would appear that at school, every single thing that makes me happy is sports or fitness related (except for drama :D), the rest of it I find stressful and boring. I want to get straight into building my career and doing what makes me happy, rather than staying at school when I can be getting started elsewhere.

I’ll either apply to join the Army (depending on how the ACE goes… My information pack arrived yesterday!!! Looks like it’s going to be A LOT of fun 🙂 I’m so excited!!), or go to polytech, get a diploma and then my bachelor.

Either way, I’m going to reach my ultimate goal. I’m very happy with this decision and it makes me feel optimistic for the rest of the year.

Have a great day.


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Street Fiesta + New scooter!!!!

I bought a scooter today!!! It’s so cute, seriously. Check it out:

I love it! 😀 I’ve been driving it round today and really getting used to it. It’s going to be so nice to be able to drive to work instead of cycle. It won’t be so frantic and I won’t be so exhausted at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I went to the Street/Tuna Fiesta with Emma.

We came into town at around 2pm because Emma wanted to buy a skirt before we went to check out the music. She didn’t end up finding anything she liked, so we headed over to check out the festivities. Nothing interesting really happened until it was time for A New Era to go on stage.

It was so cute, since the music was up so loud, Emma and I saw this little girl with her fingers in her ears. It was adorable!

Emma and I had some fun during the performance. Photo within a photo….

We’d promised Dal we’d take lots of photos of him.  I stayed true to my promise 🙂

At the end I wound up holding his guitar coz he was stuffed and I wanted to help ease the load.
I had a great time lol, but ended up being a bit of a danger to passers by…

We met up with Dallas in the Craic shortly after to give him back his guitar. We had some fun…

After that we hurried off to catch Attic Skies. They’re another local band, and omg they are GOOOD! They were my favourite act of the day. They were entertaining and refreshing and there were just some kick ass vibes goin’ on with these guys that radiated to the audience.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching these guy perform 🙂

Anyway, we hung around a bit after their act, we listened to a little bit of another band but by then it was 7pm and I really wanted to get home before it started getting dark. I ended up driving with my sun in my eyes anyway… but oh well.

A great day has been had by all I’d say! If anyone from A New Era or Attic Skies want extra band photos, just leave me a comment. I have TONS!

I have work tomorrow and it’s a long shift… I’ll see you after! Goodnight 🙂


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Camping trip from hell…

Guess who’s back! 😀 God, I cannot tell you just how great it is to be back home. The last 4-5 days have been such torture… There are no words…

I’ll explain exactly why…

Well it started last Sunday, we very nearly didn’t decide to go because the weather forecast was not good but when the day came the sun was a-shining bright and we thought it was probably worth it.

I managed to get in a 35 minute Elliptical workout before we left, it was so of my “last chance workout” because I wasn’t sure what kind of exercise I was going to be able to do whilst camping. I was kinda hoping to swim or something.

It took forever for us to get around to leaving. I spent the day with Dallas while we were waiting 🙂 it was nice, it was a little bitter-sweet though coz we knew we wouldn’t see each other again for a while. (Speaking of Dallas and I, it’s our 6 month anniversary today 😀 yay for us! We’ve made it so far, despite all the problems, controversy and hurt that it took to make it through. That makes this day even more satisfying.)

I actually really enjoyed the trip to the campsite. It started pouring just past Opotiki, but I was perfectly content with my Ipod. I’m really in love with the song “Wet Sand” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now, Emma kinda showed it to me, and ever since I’ve been obsessed with it. Have a listen for yourself, it’s beautiful:

The intro to this performance is kinda hilarious too 😀

Anyway, so all the way through the pouring rain I had this song and “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” also by the Chili’s, on constant repeat. Happy was I! 😀

Eventually we got there and thankfully it had stopped raining. It stopped long enough for us to set up our tents and sort most of our stuff out.

My humble abode:

Initially I was pretty excited, I was optimistic, despite the bad weather. I was prepared with my stack of books anyway 😉

But then after a day or so, the weather really packed in.

And I got sad…

It sucked so bad, it just poured and poured and after a while the rain started to come in through our tents. The wind was so strong that when I was in my tent, I was almost 100% sure that it was going to pull the pegs straight outta the ground and the top cover would fly away.

I was NOOTTTT HAPPPYYY! There was absolutely nothing to do but read, and my books kept getting rained on 😡 I was grumpy, and even though I tried not to complain, I couldn’t help but let my ever-increasing depression seep through to the outside.

We did have a cool campfire with yummy dinners each night. And the dog was in heaven. (Dog in singular because we sold our other dog Tai 😦 I’m sad to see him go, but he just wasn’t getting an adequate amount of exercise that he needed. He’s gone to an awesome new family and he loves it 🙂 That’s all that matters)

We did get ONE beautiful sunny day, which was a huge breath of fresh air from the weather that we’d been getting.

We all loved it and soaked up the sun, thoroughly making the most of the sunshine.

I was happyy! And made even happier when Sunblock was called into the equation. I love wearing sunblock lol, it makes me feel responsible haha, and it reminds me of summer 🙂

Unfortunately, the great weather was short lived 😦

But despite the rain, I was able to get some pretty good photo-opportunities. Check out some of my favourite shots from the four days:

(5 guesses as to what book this is lol)

Anyway, we had planned to stay for 7 days, but as it happened the weather was so terrible that we decided to pack up and leave 3 days early.

Well actually, to say we “packed up” would be a lie. We left our tents and all our food and stuff there and only brought home our clothes. The rain was so bad that almost the entire campsite was flooded, including my parents tent. My tent wasn’t flooded but the rain was beginning to seep through the walls and was making my sheets wet. Our entire outside food/kitchen etc area was flooded, so unless we had gumboots (which we didn’t think to bring), we couldn’t really use that area.

We had to leave the tents there so they could dry out properly before being packed away. Mark plans to head back soon so he can pack everything up dry and bring it home.

I was ecstatic when mum announced that I needed to pack up my gear coz we were leaving. I was so happy to get home.

I felt like crap the whole time and got sick too 😦 I was waking up each day with bad headaches, neck, back and shoulder pains, fuzzy vision and a killer sore throat. I put it down to lack of sleep (I barely slept a wink while I was there), an uncomfortable bed (it was an air bed), too much junk food and no exercise. I was unable to exercise at all through the 4 days and it sucked! My legs started stiffening up and I just felt so yuck… I had to take a rest day yesterday as well because I still felt really awful and knew I needed to listen to my body and not exercise.

I was over the moon to wake up this morning with no symptoms 🙂 I happily went to the gym and spent an hour and 45 minutes engaging in the workout to end all workouts! It was great 😀 It incorporated cross-training, cycling, rowing and strength training. I was sufficiently spent by the end 🙂

Anyway, I’m fairly sure that should bring you up to speed. Hope you’ve all had an amazing week!


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Back soon!

Hey Guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while 😦 I have been suuuuuper busy with physio, friends, organizing things and…. something very exciting which I shall share with you when I get the chance to write a more in depth blog post.

A lot has happened over the last three days, and I can’t wait to fill you in!

I’m meant to be going camping tomorrow, but we’re considering post-poning because the weather is so so bad and it’s only going to get worse apparently 😦 I’ve taken some good photos which I’ll get around to showing you too.

I’ll let you know if we do end up camping, if so, I’ll be off blogging for up to 7 days, but we’ll see 🙂

Have a great night!

(P.S- Went to go see “Whip It” this morning, SOOO good! A totally awesome film which I highly recommend ;]



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Computer fails.

I’m so so disappointed 😦 Last night I watched Spirit of The Marathon and it made me sad because I miss running so much, so I filmed a little rant about how wonderful I think running is and why I miss it so much, but then when I went to upload it from my camera to the computer, the computer froze and ate the video 😦

Also doing something weird to my camera in the process….. My camera is now having some serious upload issues. Not sure what the deal with that is, but if it’s carries on, I’ll take it into the camera shop. This camera is far too important to me for me to be able to put up with it screwing up ALREADY.

However, I shall try and muster the motivation to film another one some time later today.. I’m fairly busy this afternoon with a Physio appointment, followed by a doctor appointment. I’ll post a blog later today with a physio update.

The weather is yucky this morning, but I don’t really mind. Only issue is that I ride my bike everywhere, and if it’s pouring with rain, that’s a slight inconvenience! Hopefully I’ll have some luck and the rain will hold off in the afternoon. I’d rather ride a bike than get driven around anyway.

I woke up this morning and decided that, in light of the dreary weather, I figured it was perfect pancake weather! I had some mixture leftover from lunch yesterday, so I just used that. They were delicious!

I also couldn’t resist a cup of coffee on the side… Man I fail at quitting caffeine :/

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead and I’m off to haul some booty at the gym. I’m going to do a 35-40 minute Elliptical workout today. No swimming and no strength, just elliptical. I’d like to see how I go.

Update more later!


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